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What can you eat with diarrhea?

Diarrhea is called an increase in bowel movement and a change in the consistency of feces: it becomes liquid or mushy. There are several types of diarrhea: infectious, alimentary, dyspeptic, toxic, drug-induced.

  • In the first case, increased excretion of feces is associated with an infectious disease. It may be dysentery, salmonellosis, amebiasis ...
  • Alimentary diarrhea is a consequence of malnutrition or an allergic reaction to a particular product.
  • In turn, dyspeptic diarrhea is associated with disorders of food digestion caused by secretory insufficiency of the stomach or pancreas, as well as a lack of certain enzymes in the body.
  • Toxic diarrhea is a consequence of poisoning with mercury, arsenic and similar toxic substances.
  • Drug diarrhea is the result of the use of medical preparations that suppress the intestinal flora.

Of great importance in the treatment of diarrhea is not only the use of drugs, but also proper nutrition.That is why the question of what you can eat with diarrhea is extremely important.

Nutrition for diarrhea

The best treatment for diarrhea is to abstain from food for several hours after the start of bowel movements. After this period, you can eat a small amount of boiled rice (without salt and oil), a ripe banana, boiled potatoes or a hard-boiled egg. In order for the body does not have a shortage of water, try to drink more. The best drink in this situation can be freshly brewed tea without sugar (ideally green) or plain water. Natural apple juice is also suitable. All sorts of soda and sugary drinks with diarrhea are contraindicated. Continuing the conversation about whether you can eat with diarrhea and what specifically, you should say the following. Meat, nuts, legumes and dairy products - this is what should be primarily abandoned during diarrhea and in the first days after its completion. In addition, it is not recommended to use bread and cereals from whole grains, as well as raw vegetables and fruits, fried foods, sweets and coffee.

With diarrhea, it will not be superfluous to eat products containing so-called tannins. These elements are present in the juice of mountain ash, dogwood, pear, persimmon, black currant, blueberry and green tea.Tannins have an anti-inflammatory, astringent effect on the inner walls of the intestine. With mild diarrhea, they can even replace medications. Use the above products preferably on an empty stomach.

What can a child with diarrhea

If we talk about a diet for children suffering from diarrhea, it all depends on age. For children from 3 years old, all of the above. Boiled rice, potatoes, tea, fruit juices are the best solution in this situation. As for infants, long-term loose stools can be the norm, if the baby is normally gaining weight and feeling well. If diarrhea is reflected in the weight of the baby and his state of health, perhaps the reason for the liquid stool lies in too much milk. It does not have time to be absorbed, as a result of which a temporary lactose deficiency develops. After 6 months, when the bait begins in children, diarrhea often occurs, which is a reaction to a new food. As a rule, in such cases, special treatment is not required. However, the introduction in the diet of the product that caused such a reaction, for some time it is better to stop.

Diarrhea: Can I breastfeed

Continuing the theme of what you can eat with diarrhea, you should pay a few lines and the problem of intestinal upset in a nursing mother. So, until a normal stool is restored, it is advisable to refuse breastfeeding and switch to artificial feeding of the baby. As for the diet, the recommended products will fit all the above. To speed up the recovery is not superfluous to drink the chelators. They effectively absorb toxins and pathogens, and then remove them from the body. If we talk specifically about what you can drink from diarrhea, for nursing mothers are ideal activated carbon, "Karbolong", "Sorbeks", "Karbolen", "Smekta". These drugs are safe and not contraindicated for nursing mothers.


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