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What colors does a pink color match?

What shades of pink are suitable for your color type

Bright and warm shades of pink are completely inappropriate for women with the “summer” color type. When choosing clothes should pay attention to the medium and cold shades of coral, as well as not too bright pink tones.
Representatives of the spring color type when choosing clothes can choose both cold and warm shades, which will add freshness and brightness to the image.
Girls with a winter color type should refuse muted and pale tones. It is better for them to give preference to the saturated colors of the palette, such as pink-orange, pearl-pink, hot pink, purple-pink and neon-pink.
The ladies of the autumn color type saturated pink shades can give unhealthy redness. However, they will harmoniously look pale peach, pink coral and pink orange.

What colors go with pink

Very harmoniously with pink, above all, the classic black color. This tandem will allow you to create an elegant image, regardless of your age. Also considered the most versatile combination of pink and white. It is great for office style, and for leisure and everyday wear.
In addition, pink color harmonizes well with blue. Very interesting is the combination of juicy pink and pale blue. Such a duet creates a romantic and gentle image, adding to it a bit of charm. Pink looks great and with a beige color. Warm and soothing shades of beige are perfect for soft pink and pastel tones.
Do not forget about the lilac and purple tones. With the right choice of shade, the outfit will look very glamorous and bright, creating a cheerful summer look. The combination of red and pink looks fashionable and stylish. This tandem, charging with optimism and energy, is considered ideal for relaxation and celebration.
It is harmoniously combined with pink and gray color, rich in various shades.These two colors perfectly complement each other, allowing you to create stylish combinations. In addition, shades of the green and blue part of the spectrum — aquamarine, emerald green, and turquoise — look interesting with pink. Such combinations look bright and contrast. For example, a duet of pink and mint-green looks just gorgeous.

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