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What do the colors of the flags mean?

From ancient times to the present day, the flag is considered a symbol of the independence of the people and the state in which they live. The flag of each country is unique, and each of them symbolizes something different. A large role in this play colors, which are also chosen not by chance.

It is known that the colors on the flags of different countries do not mean the same thing. For example, the blue color of the flag of the Russian Federation means calm, and the blue color of the flag of Great Britain means power at sea, because traditionally this country is considered a maritime power. Let us consider in more detail the most common colors on flags and their meaning.

  • Blue. As a rule, it denotes the sea (Seychelles, Australia, UK) or the sky (Argentina). In exceptional cases, can mean holiness (France).
  • Green. Characteristic of Muslim countries (Azerbaijan, Algeria). May denote nature (Bangladesh, Brazil).
  • Red. This color often indicates the blood shed by people in the struggle for revolution and independence. This interpretation includes African countries, but Venezuela and Vietnam can be included here.In some cases, the red color is purely national (Nepal, Kyrgyzstan).
  • The black. Characteristic mainly for African countries. In their case, means the African American population. The black color on the German flag is an inseparable component, along with red and gold - the colors of the revolutionary banner of the seventeenth century.
  • White. Usually considered a symbol of purity and peace (Israel, Russia, Honduras, Panama). This color often appears on other flags, but only partially, as in the case of the United States. In this case, it should be perceived as an inseparable part of the flag - the so-called striped type (Malaysia, Liberia, Cuba, USA).

We now turn to specific examples and consider the flags of some countries.


The national flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan is considered a national symbol of the state. It consists of a rectangular cloth on which stripes of blue, red and green are located from top to bottom. At the same time on the red part of the flag is still a white eight-pointed star and a crescent. What do the colors of this country's flag mean? It is known that blue color symbolizes the national Turkic culture, green - the civilization of Islam, and red - the democracy of Europe


If you look at the national flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we will see that it is also made of a rectangular cloth, where against the blue color in the very center is drawn the sun with an unusual number of rays - 32. Directly under the sun is a soaring eagle. All images are in gold color. The value of the blue flag can be interpreted as the sky, which is infinite. At the same time, this color means the well-being, unity and tranquility of the whole people under this sky. The sun of golden color symbolizes, first of all, life, as well as fertility and wealth. The color of the eagle symbolizes his power and independence, coupled with vision.


What do the colors of the flag of Kyrgyzstan symbolize? It represents a panel of a rectangular shape of red color, and in its very center is the sun with outgoing forty rays of the color of gold. Inside the sun is located tundyuk Kyrgyz yurt.

The red color of the flag was chosen to denote the valor and courage of the whole nation, and the sun and the colors of gold symbolize wealth and peace.


Pay attention to the Republic of Tajikistan. What do the colors of her flag mean?In its center is the golden-colored crown, which means the seven cultural and historical regions of the country and the independence of the country. Red color on the flag means self-sacrifice and valor, and white - the spirituality of the people and its moral purity.


The flag of this country depicts a blue Scandinavian cross on a white background. Blue color symbolizes the huge number of lakes in this country, as well as the bright sky above, but white color means plenty of snow and its purity on the territory of the state.


The flag of this country is quite simple and consists of three equal-sized horizontal stripes, but each strip has its own color and meaning. The strip of white color means peace and freedom of all inhabitants. The green bar indicates the country's agriculture and the power of nature. The red strip on the country's flag means the symbol of the courage of the people of Bulgaria and the blood that was shed during the struggle for the independence of the state.


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