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What does a rose tattoo mean?

Marina Nazarenko
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What does a rose tattoo mean?

Quite often, a tattoo of the form of a beautiful and passionate rose flower is found in women. However, the rose is not only a purely female tattoo, but also completely male. So what does a rose tattoo mean?

Reasons for making a rose tattoo:

  • Rose is considered a permanent symbol of passion, true sincere love. Also, the rose symbolizes innocence and romanticism.
  • Many make a tattoo in the form of a rose because this flower is considered the most popular, and the variety of colors and shapes do not limit you in choosing the pattern and shade. In all cases, the rose remains a win-win option.
  • Such a tattoo can be made in different sizes - from the smallest delicate flower to the lush and complex in its structure image. The rose carries the depth of thoughts and feelings and characterizes its owner as a very sensual and versatile person.

The value of the tattoo depending on the design

When choosing a tattoo color, pay special attention to the value that the color adds to the picture. So, a white rose is a symbol of purity in thoughts and character and will not suit active and quick-tempered people, on the contrary, a red rose is a worthy tattoo for passionate and talented people, a yellow rose is a symbol of a friendly and always ready to come to the aid of a person.

Tattoo design is more dependent on whether it acquires female or male features. The symbol of courage is considered the image of a rose with fish. Tattoo in the form of a rose symbolizes two beginnings - male and female. And the interweaving of light and dark roses with thorns is a symbol of yin and yang, the personification of harmony.

How beautiful a rose tattoo looks. The value of the flower itself is a symbol of femininity, and thorns are a symbol of courage. The rose is also a symbol of a deep religious relationship, as it depicts the blood of Jesus Christ, the beginning and the end.

Mention of a rose tattoo is found even in the 16th century, when it was used as a kind of label for prisoners who were sentenced to death.


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