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What dreams of a brush in a dream

How should interpret a dream where the brush is clearly visible?

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sleep brush
Dream brush

On the spring dream book

Brush can dream in anticipation of a big quarrel, scandal.

According to the summer dream book

A dream, in which the brush should be used presumably for cleaning, speaks of the need for it in reality. That is how you can interpret this dream.

According to the autumn dream book

Since the brush is always used to clean anything from dust and dirt, in this situation it symbolizes only cleanliness in relationships, mutual understanding between people.

Female dream book

If you are dreaming about a hair brush that you brush your hair with, then this is a misfortune, at least this is the dream book. The clothes brush says in a dream that in reality it will have to solve a difficult task, but if you dream about the process of cleaning things, you should expect compensation for your own work in the near future. If there are several brushes, then good prospects for working projects will soon open before you.

Russian people's dream book

A brush in dreams can only symbolize cleanliness, so if someone from your family cleans your clothes, in reality you experience a grudge against the person who criticizes you. To lose the brush is to find a way out of the situation, to fight slander. If in your dreams the brush is old battered or just dirty, then you should not be afraid, the slander of ill-wishers will not affect you in any way.

Small Veles dream

A dream where the brush just appeared before your eyes speaks of receiving unpleasant news, loss and betrayal.

Dream for the whole family

If you dream about a brush for cleaning clothes, then this indicates upcoming responsible work. You should also not forget that it matters the day of the week when you had a dream.

Jewish dream book Azar

This interpreters of dreams says that the brush dreams of trouble and scandals.

Ukrainian dream book

When a brush is seen in a dream, it is to cheating and getting unpleasant news. It is important to pay attention to the small details of sleep.

Dream Miller

If in a dream you are brushing your hair, then in real life you should expect trouble because of your inability to do business.An old hairbrush portends a disease for the dreamer. Brushes, which are usually used to clean clothes from stains or dust, symbolize the task, to which "do not reach the hands." A lot of brushes in a dream - to a well-paid job and pleasant troubles associated with work.


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