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What dreams about the death of a child?

Natalya Safonova
Natalya Safonova
February 18, 2015
What dreams about the death of a child?

Sometimes, when we wake up, we remember our dreams for a long time, trying to understand what our unconscious was trying to carry before us. What dreams about the death of a child? Consider what a terrible dream could mean.

Death of a child: interpretation of sleep

Depending on the gender of the dreamer, there may be different interpretations of the dream with the following content:

  • If a woman saw the death of a child in a dream, perhaps it reflects her anxieties and feelings about her child during the day. Sleep of such content is not so rare. Of course, he leaves upon awakening a heavy, painful feeling. However, such a dream foreshadows a long, happy and prosperous life for a child.
  • If a woman dreams of not the death of her own, but of an alien child, then such a context, most likely, foreshadows the speedy addition to the family.
  • If such a dream is seen by a childless woman, the child’s death may indicate her unwillingness to have children at all.
  • In addition, the dream of the death of the child may be evidence of a breach of the relationship with him.You need to think about how to redefine your relationship.
  • For a man, such a content of sleep can speak about the birth of his new brilliant ideas, the advancement of his career in connection with such ideas.
  • A dream of finding the corpse of a child in a fast river can mean trouble in the near future.
  • If a dead child comes to life in a dream, then it is a sign of a good, pleasant event. This may herald an interesting journey.

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