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Why dream of a rope?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
March 7, 2015
Why dream of a rope?

Often the things we see in a dream foreshadow different events in life, so the interest in the interpretation of dreams does not diminish. How to interpret a dream in which the rope dreams?

To dream of a rope is quite a fateful phenomenon. In most dream books, the rope symbolizes human life. Therefore, to dream of a long, not tangled rope - usually to a long and easy life. But if the rope is torn in your hands, you should be careful. Such a dream can mean danger or even death.

Why dream of a rope with knots tied to it? There are two interpretations here: on the one hand, the abundance of knots on the rope means difficulties on the way of life, but on the other hand, the tight knot is interpreted as strong friendship or love. But to untie the rope means to break the relationship with a loved one.

A tangled, carelessly lying rope talks about troublesome and complicated affairs, and even problems. If you are trying to unravel such a rope, then, most likely, in reality you will succeed with honor in getting out of a difficult situation.If you are unraveling the reins tied not by you, wait for the difficulties created by other people and be ready to solve other people's problems.

But neatly coiled rope symbolizes your composure and readiness to withstand all difficulties with honor.

If in a dream you are tied with a rope, it foreshadows a love captivity or a strong emotional dependence on a loved one, often contrary to the voice of reason.


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