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What games are on the PSP?

Despite all the variety of games, in the world it’s still difficult in our time to find a decent game that is worth our precious attention. It is difficult even for owners of mobile devices, not to mention computers. But in this article we will talk about what games are on the PSP. Of course, there will not be a whole list of those wonderful games that you should play on your favorite PSP. As for the question of which game to download on the PSP, there is no definite answer, because how many people, so many opinions.

PSP Games

So, here is a small list of what games are on the PSP with a quality description for them.

  • Almost all consoles and even computer players are familiar with this game! This is God of War: Chains of Olympus. This action-style game tells us about the ancient commander and brutal warrior Kratos. Rock pretty patted this hero, so apart from the rage and thirst for revenge in his body nothing was left. He is ready for anything to take revenge on Zeus and to overthrow any god who stands in his way.
  • Free Running - This sports game has conquered millions of boys and girls from around the world. After the release of films like “District 13” and “Yamakasi”, everyone wanted to try himself as an athlete,able to overcome incredible obstacles without any technical devices. After all, the truly cat-like grace and speed of these athletes does not know analogues.
  • Crash of The Titans - This funny arcade game tells us about a good fox named Crash. His old enemies again conceived a cunning plan of revenge. This time they decided not to go into a frontal attack, but simply infected all the animals on the island, turning them into monsters. But this slightly scares the peace-loving fox, because he knows how to move into the bodies of enemies and get their power!
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted - the words are superfluous, everyone knows at least one series of these crazy races with beautiful cars and a good possibility of tuning. All that awaits a player in this world is a solid drive and race.
  • FlatOut Head On - this type of racing is designed for those who are already pretty tired of regular racing. The main goal of these races is not to come to the finish line first, but to survive. On the race tracks a large number of interactive zones that can destroy not only your opponent, but you too! In addition, there are a lot of alternative routes and sections that are contraindicated for cowardly and inattentive riders!
  • LEGO Star Wars II - all of us have long known designer LEGO now in your device! The game will tell us about the moments that occur in the fifth and sixth parts of the Star Wars saga. This interpretation not only inspires the atmosphere of a mysterious and distant future, but also charges you with a dose of cool and fresh humor.
  • Patapon 2 - how is your ear for music?) In this game you have to command a whole army of funny creatures, helping them break through enemies. Only this you have to do in an atypical way for you. The fact is that the players do not want to perceive the voice or visual commands, but they hear the music perfectly. This you will use during the battle. Having played your warriors a real symphony of war, you simply must win!
  • Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix - what can I say, dedicated to lovers of skateboards and adrenaline! You have to ride through the tunnel in the role of the great skater Tony Hawk. A lot of tricks, risky decisions and a lot of applause with adrenaline - this is exactly what you need!

Of course, this is not a complete list of games that you need to evaluate, but these are the brightest and most fun “time killers”, which can only be delayed for the whole day.


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