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What girls like guys and men the most?

What girls like guys photo

And what girls like men and guys most?

Of course, there is not such a girl in the world who would like all guys without exception, men and the whole male. And you do not need this. But, of course, there are such rules that need to be followed, and things to which it is desirable to strive to at least not scare away the guy of your dreams. These useful tips for relationships will be as always the case.We will understand what women like men most, and it is not so important who you are on a horoscope - Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Virgo, Lions or other signs of the zodiac, now is not about that. So, let's begin!


What girl looks like guys?



In order not to talk about the soul and character, most guys, especially young,pay attention primarily on the exterior, and with this fact you can not argue. You may not be given by nature long legs, wasp waist and large breasts, but carefully take care of yourself and dress beautifully is still necessary.Guys are frightened off by vegetation in those places where it should not be - on the legs, armpits, facial hair. It is up to the girl to decide whether to completely remove the hairs in the bikini zone, but still it is better to give it some form. If you use a razor for hair removal, you need to shave your legs every day, because the “hedgehog” is extremely unpleasant to the touch.


Most guys scare off bright, unnatural hair colors, as well as hairstyles, generously filled with varnishes and foams. Saturated with oils and alcohol, can make hair too greasy, or vice versa, dull. It is best to style the hair with a hair dryer using a lightweight thermal spray. There is nothing more beautiful than natural, flowing hair.


Well-groomed and beautiful girls like all the guys, without exception! If nature rewarded you with beauty, then emphasize it, and if not - hide the flaws.


Beautiful hands, with a fresh and interesting manicure can favorably emphasize the appearance of the girl for the better, despite the fact that, at first glance, it seems a trifle. It is advisable not to ignore the manicure stuff: care products like paraffin masks, all kinds of nail files, cuticle treatments.They are usually expensive, but the result is worth it.


Guys do not like girls with a flabby body and cellulite. To have a good body, you need to eat right and do shaping at least three times a week, do anti-cellulite massage at home or in the salon. As for the linen, then everything is not so categorical. Of course, elite silk underwear is beautiful, but ordinary cotton is also suitable, as long as it does not lose its appearance from the washings.


It is also necessary to take care of the availability of clean clothes, tights. Old, battered clothes, of course, can spoil the image. But if you have a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, the clothing may not be branded. Of great importance are accessories and supplements. For example, a simple skirt or jacket decorated with an expensive bag made of genuine leather and beautiful jewelry looks very different.


What kind of girl do guys like?



Guys do not like rough, aggressive girls. Many women forget that guys are people too and feel the pain no less than girls. Although, the other extreme is also bad - too soft and tremulous girl can remain with a broken heart, because men do not understand many of the subtleties of the female soul.For example, a guy complains that no one likes him, no matter how good he is. He was just whipped off recently, by some kind of female, and instead of sorting out, he decided to find a comfortable vest to displace the negative. The lady thinks that pitying a boy who doesn’t deserve it from her, she fulfills her woman’s mission, mission. And the guy just takes her love and gentleness for granted, at the slightest opportunity, parting with her. To regret guys at all it is not necessary, exceptions only seriously ill or invalids can become.


Remember! Girls who do not drink alcohol in the measure, also do not like guys and men.


Guys like girls and women, for the conquest of which they had to make efforts. Roughly speaking, for the sake of which they spent something - time, money, strength, emotions. The human psyche is so arranged that those things that we have got too easily, as a rule, are not appreciated. Therefore, if a lady believes that her chosen one will appreciate her for selflessness, then she is not quite right, and the matter is not necessarily in money.

What kind of character girls like guys and men?

What kind of character girls like guys and men?

Guys like girls who don't “cling” to them.Increased anxiety and fear of losing the chosen one will not lead to anything good, except perhaps to a nervous breakdown. Under the influence of this girl commit insane acts, run after them, terrorizing, blackmailing and waiting for the princes at the entrance. For what? To once again be convinced of its insignificance? You should always have some kind of passion that will become an "outlet". In the event that it does not work out with a specific guy, and you are most afraid of this, you need to have a few more nice young people “in reserve” so that you don’t have to worry so much. One clever girl said that to be happy you need to be attached not to people or things, but to a goal, and the goal can be anything, what you care about the soul.


What categories of girls most attract men and men?



“Beautiful, but silly” girls like guys too.

Men talk a lot about the fact that their chosen one should be smart. But nevertheless, communication with girls who seem a little silly in some things seems to them much more interesting. With a girl who is interested in mediocre things such as clothes, cosmetics, men, entertainment, gossip and idols, men feel like Albert Einstein. If guys don't like such girls, it is only because they need to be flooded with flowers regularly, otherwise they may leave. To allow yourself some stupidity or a whim, you need to be very beautiful, but if beauty is not your fad - then you need to wise up, otherwise you will have hard times.


Knowing what women like men and knowing what you are, you can draw conclusions and work on yourself, if necessary.


"Russian women" also like men, but not all.

A strong, hardy woman with a strong character and at the same time fluttering too much like guys. They don't fall in love with these right away, but then it’s impossible to stop loving the girl. Some men are afraid of such people, although they don’t admit it, others deify them. The only disadvantage of these ladies is that they will not have the strength to have sex, because she loves to direct and shift all family matters to herself.


Girls "predator", like so many guys.

Predator believes that the opposite sex is created in order to fulfill all her desires. Girls of this type are characterized by constant claims, self-interest, arrogance, hysteria. Guys are seen as a source of income and entertainment.The main thing for these women is not to give anything in return, but to take as much as possible. Contrary to the laws of logic,women of this type like very many men. It is about these ladies that make up the masterpieces of literature and cinema. Such a girl, as a rule, is smart, and can play a soft kitty in time, because she likes young people. And when the elect will be able to consider its essence, it will be too late.


"Modest" girls.

This is the embodiment of man's dream. Noble, sympathetic, soft, caring. She can earn enough money while staying at the stove all evening, wanting to treat her lover to dinner. Many forgive - scandals, betrayal, drunkenness, unpleasant boyfriends husband. Do not complain about fate, silently holding back tears. Often such sacrifices are not worth maintaining relationships.


These are the main points in the questionwhat women like men.Then it remains to draw conclusions, change or rejoice that you are exactly this, but you did not know about it or you were looking for the wrong men that you need. But in any case, do not be in a hurry to get upset - for every woman there is that perfect man who is perfect for her. Search, try and do not go over for a long time, so as not to be alone.


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