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What if a man earns less

Remember the situation of the heroine Anne Hathaway in the movie "Intern"? The householder husband, who was known in the district by all the ladies of the district and the moms from the daughter’s kindergarten, left his career for a strange reason: his wife had a more pleasant relationship with work, which meant that she had a flag in her hands. It all ended up too banal: not seeing a wife, left without attention and love, but at the same time mired in cooking, washing and other women's joys, the husband soon flew into an intrigue on the side. He no longer felt needed, could not substitute a strong male shoulder and financially dependent on the ever-busy wife. Is it not exactly what happens in life? Let not all of these families with financial inversion, but certainly many.

What if a man earns less

Financial ceiling of a man

Choosing a certain man as a companion, in fact, a woman chooses a life for herself that he can offer her. That’s why it’s quite normal that not all Bali shine, someone will have to fly once a year exclusively under the palm trees of Turkish lands.

For many men, there is the concept of a financial ceiling, and this in turn means that your chosen one will never jump beyond his capabilities. Therefore, he offers you a concrete life with those comfort conditions that he has at the moment. It turns out at least strange and dishonest in relation to a man: to marry, roughly speaking, for the driver, and after demanding from him impossible - rings with diamonds, villas in Spain and "When will you finally begin to earn money normally?". In this case, the fact that he earns much less than his wife, does not give her the right to humiliate his manhood, pull the poor fellow by the ears, pomikaya that "I can" - is also a kind of blow below the belt.

Loosening of opportunities

But there is another type of men who are potentially ready to grow and earn, just their career is currently either at the start or at an intermediate stage before a possible takeoff. Women's unlimited financial resources or limited, but to a large extent, large, male fires can unintentionally be brought down. For men, walking by leaps and bounds uphill, the main motivator has always been the desire of their woman, children - the family - to provide comfortable living conditions.That is why they strive for more and better. And then - broads - and on a saucer with a blue border, everything is already being presented for you, and your efforts become absolutely unnecessary - everything is there. As a result, the man relaxes and stops growing in his career plan, fixing himself on constant statics - his wife will solve all his family problems anyway.

What if a man earns less

No career ambitions

There is a third type of men who, in principle, are far from the world of financial problems. These can be creative people, either those who are fond of, for example, science, or deeply family, who have a highly developed fatherly principle and a desire to devote most of their lives to family, children and home, or those who have limited physical capabilities due to their health. Naturally, such men will always earn potentially less than their wives. Are they from this become bad husbands or fathers? Of course not! But at the same time, mutual agreement should be the decisive factor of stability and harmony in such a family, that is, this state of affairs should suit both of the maximum number of percentages. Many European men, for example, choose just such a format of family relationships,based on the principle “Who is better at it, he is at the helm, and the second is engaged in the household and children”, without any gender prejudice.


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