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What is a container?

December 19, 2014
What is a container?

Every day we are confronted with words borrowed from other languages, but which have become familiar to us. One of these words is the word container. It has several meanings, consider them.

Container: definitions

So what is a container? This word came to us from the English language: contain - contain, contain. Already from here one can guess its meaning.


First of all, a container is a container for storing and transporting any objects. For example, a food container in which you can store food. Dumpster - for temporary maintenance of waste. ISO-container is a container for transportation of cargo not packed in bags or crates (tank container, container wagon). Such containers are transported by road, rail, air, sea, they facilitate the transfer from one vehicle to another. Example: You can rent a container to transport coal.

Building element

The term is used in construction.A block container is a volume element for quickly building mobile collapsible buildings (cabins, barns, trade pavilions, changing rooms, guard posts, etc.) Example: Modular buildings of two or three floors can be erected from containers in a few days.

Data structure

In programming, the term container is used in the meaning of a structure that packs and stores data of different types. For example, an HTML document is one large container that begins with a <HTML> tag and ends with a </ HTML> tag, consisting of two other nested containers: the document header <HEAD> and the body of the document <BODY>.


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