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What is a follower

Not only did a lot of different gadgets appear that each has its own name, but also new features came with this technique that people could not even dream of in the early twentieth century. For example, that it will be possible to get in touch with relatives in the forest and the sea, the opportunity to call them. And who could have imagined that he could make video calls? The young generation, brought up at completely different speeds, without the Internet can no longer imagine its existence. Together with him, people got the opportunity not only to quickly exchange data, but also virtual communication, establishing contacts in different countries of the world, as if acquaintance is happening "here and now."

Social web

The first popular social networks in Russia were in English. By coincidence, slowly and painfully conquered the Russian public Twitter and was the beginning of "socialism". It was on Twitter, which subsequently so famously overtook VKontakte and Odnoklassniki sites, that a special language was born - all Twitter users joined Twitter slang.Even now, when Twitter was translated into Russian and replaced the word follower with the familiar “read”, many still say “follower”.The Russian-speaking word “follower” used there read the “follower”, and that was how it came into use.
The follower is a borrowed word, it comes from English and has such Russian-language synonyms as “reader”, “follower”, “subscriber”.
The literal translation is "follower." Twitter slang is the name of a social network member who signs up for another member in order to be able to read updates to his account. An example of the use of the word: "if you like a person on Twitter, you can become his follower", which means: "if you like a person on Twitter, you can subscribe to his news and events, become his reader."
The follower can view in his news feed the public messages of the person he subscribed to.

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