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What is a forum?

Vladimir Doneshko
Vladimir Doneshko
July 19, 2012
What is a forum?

In Russian, there are a huge number of words borrowed from other languages. Latin is no exception. It is from this language that the word forum migrated to us.

What is a forum? In its original meaning, this building in ancient Roman cities, the market square. Architectural forum is a special type of open construction.

People had to meet somewhere, discuss their problems and solve problems of the city’s life. Gradually, the forum began to act as a center of public life.

As a model, you can consider the most famous of all the Roman Forum. This is the main city square of ancient Rome, which originally housed the market. Later, a meeting place of the people’s assemblies, the comitia, appeared on it, and the place for sittings of the senate was the curia. Thus, the forum has acquired political significance.

If we take the historical context, the forum is the focus of speeches, statements. In modern times, the concept of the forum has acquired new meanings.An example of a modern forum with live communication is the London Hyde Park Forum, where there is a thematic dialogue and solo performances of the speakers.

With the development of the Internet as a means of communication, many terms, having migrated to the Web, acquired new meanings. So the concept of the forum settled on the Internet. Here it means a place for meetings and discussions on the world wide web. The forum can be both a site and a section of the site. In turn, it is divided into sections, in which there are topics for discussion. From the same chat forum differs in the fact that communication on it is conducted on certain topics.


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