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What is a generator?

March 18, 2015
What is a generator?

In the age of technology and electricity, we are surrounded by various devices, about which we often have no idea or very little understand how they work. There are also purely technical names that many people will not say about anything. For example, many have heard the word "generator", but very few people know what a generator is and what its types are.

We will answer these questions further.

Types of generators

Translated from the Latin word "generator" means "manufacturer". The general definition of a generator is as follows.

A generator is a device or mechanism that is able to produce a product, generate some kind of energy, or convert energy from one type to another.

There are several types of generators.

  • A generator in electrical engineering and electronics serves to convert non-electrical forms of energy into electricity. These include alternators, internal combustion engines, voltage generators and other types of generators;
  • The signal generator produces signals with certain properties.
  • A generator in computer science is a special subroutine that is capable of creating files, sequences of numbers, passwords, and other types of virtual systems.
  • You can also highlight the phrase "Ideas Generator" in a separate view. This is a person who creates a new idea or ideas for implementation.

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