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What is a kiss?

Kiss is considered the most powerful analgesic. What is a kiss? It's hard to say, because a kiss is considered a product of our soul. This is a very subtle manifestation of all our emotions. The kiss contains a lot of information that a person can express only with a kiss and nothing else.

When we kiss, we can feel that our blood pressure rises sharply, the breathing rhythm changes, consciousness floats far into space, and the brain processes large chemical and hormonal changes.

With a kiss, a person expresses his feelings. Therefore, we can distinguish several types of kisses:

  1. A friendly kiss is a feeling of affection and friendship towards another person. Most often kiss on the cheek, depending on the floor - kiss the hand. By the way, it may not be touching the lips, the main thing is to pretend that you are kissing your partner.
  2. A love kiss expresses between lovers feelings of passion and love. Love kisses should be divided into passionate and tender, as they not only can express emotions, but they also excite partners.
    • Gentle ones are kisses on the lips, or other parts of the body that are characterized by a short contact time.
    • Passionate kisses - on the contrary, last a long time. Most often, carried in the lips. They can also be made in other parts of the body, such as nibbling on the earlobe, kissing the neck, or scattered throughout the body. But remember that such kisses in a crowded place, in most cases, are condemned.
  3. Affectionate kiss - this kiss expresses a sense of joy and emotion. Mostly addressed to small children or cute animals. Here, very rarely kiss on the lips. Children, basically, kiss in a nose, cheeks, forehead. Animals, if they kiss, then in the face. In the case of animals, lip contact may not be carried out, it depends on how much you love animals.
  4. A respectful kiss - expresses a reverence for the object or person, as well as the attitude of respect. In this case, kiss the person's hands or a ring on his hand. An expression of the extreme degree of admiration is a kiss on the feet. Objects that are kissed are often subject to reverence, depending on their relationship to other events or people.A venerable kiss can occur without touching the lips, but only by bringing them close to the target.
  5. We all know the famous kiss. One of the types of friendly or love kiss, which expresses an easy flirt or a person's attention.
  6. Brotherly kiss (father or filial) - carries feelings of affection between the family. In this case, kiss the cheeks and forehead, very rarely on the lips. There is always a touch here. Very often use the series, consisting of three kisses.

This is a few kinds of kisses. There is one more type that is very popular among young people in love - a French kiss.

What is a French kiss

This kiss is considered the most romantic of all existing types of kisses. It implies contact languages partners. This kiss helps to stimulate the entire oral cavity, lips and, of course, the tongue. After all, these zones, to this kind of sensation, are very sensitive. The peculiarity of the French kiss is that, unlike all other kisses, this look can last for a very long time. But there is a minus, because the probability of transmission of infection through the French kiss is significantly increased.


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