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What is a mistake?

Veronika Bychkova
Veronika Bychkova
October 1, 2014
What is a mistake?

In the generally accepted sense, an error is an incorrectness in thoughts, actions, actions, statements, etc. However, the concept is very many-valued depending on the context. With the development of modern computer technology, new meanings of the word "error" have appeared, in which we will now examine in more detail.

Syntax error

From the rules of the Russian language we are familiar with this concept. In programming, it has a similar meaning. A syntax error means that the text of a written computer program does not correspond to the language of Pascal, the general principles of programming. This may be due to the fact that the character string was not quoted. This error is detected immediately when the program starts.

Error code

It happens that on the monitor screen is given information in English or a specific sequence of numbers. At the same time working on a computer is impossible To understand what happened, you can find out the error code and try to fix it yourself. The error code is a number that indicates a particular system failure.To understand which one, you must do the following:

  1. Go to the "Control Panel".
  2. Double-click on the "System" icon.
  3. Select "Devices" and double-click on this tab.
  4. In the "Device Status" field will be indicated the error code.

If you do not know the error codes, we offer a Microsoft resource from.

Application error

The error may occur if you incorrectly install one of the applications you are using. You may have installed applications that are not compatible with your system. Such errors can lead to the failure of the entire PC, so they definitely need to be fixed.

server error

A server error means that a user request on this site could not be completed for a number of reasons that the website administrator is able to eliminate.

System error

A system error is often associated with the destruction of a PC by a virus, damage to the registry or system files, a disk or video card drivers. In any case, this problem can be identified and eliminated by a specialist.

Now you know what a mistake is.


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