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What is a sleeve in clothes?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 19, 2013
What is a sleeve in clothes?

Any outerwear is sewn according to the pattern and consists of a set of parts, each of which has its own name. However, almost everyone buys clothes and does not think about the details until they meet an unfamiliar word, for example, such as a sleeve.

Let's see what a sleeve is in clothes. With such a strange word, ladies meet when they decide to buy something from abroad via the Internet. Next to the photo of the thing on the site is usually located a table of proportions of sizes. That's it in them there is a mention of the sleeve. Typically, the table shows the ratio of height, chest girth, waist, product length, the size of the shoulder and sleeve.

If we consider the general definition, the sleeve is a cylindrical object or fragment, hollow inside, which may include another object. Under this description fits only one piece of clothing - it is a sleeve. Consequently, it is the size of the sleeve that is indicated in the table of ratios.The sleeve is connected to the size of the sleeve.


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