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What is a studio?

Ksenia Vilinskaya
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What is a studio?

The word "studio" is probably familiar to you, at least at the hearing. There are studio-apartments or recording studios, studios as places where pictures are created. The word is not limited to these values.

Let's find out what a studio is and what can be called this word.

Word meanings

  1. A studio is a place where future artists are trained. These could be dance studios, for example. Experienced master-tutors work in such studios who teach others creativity, be it painting, acting or ballet. Thus, the word "studio" in this context is synonymous with the word "school". For example: to engage in a ballet studio.
  2. Studio can still be called the collective of artists (for example: the theater-studio "Rainbow").
  3. A studio is an enterprise that produces audio or film products. For example, there is the world-famous animation studio Ghibli, founded in 1985. She releases anime cartoons created by the masters of this genre.
  4. Studio is also an art workshop.It has a special atmosphere, convenient for the work of a painter or sculptor. The studio has enough space, light, materials for drawing are collected. The studios of some creative people themselves resemble works of art that reflect the personality of their owner.
  5. There are photo industry studios - the so-called photo studios, which are similar to the art workshop, they are only equipped for photo shoots. Today, this is quite a profitable business, and if you want to try yourself in it, the article How to make a photo studio will help you.
  6. A special room in which radio or television broadcasts are being broadcast is being broadcast. News studios are filming news. Studio Channel One is located in the Ostankino TV tower.
  7. There are apartments that are called studios. They are often chosen for housing by young people, students, retirees. Feature of the organization of space in the studio - the lack of impressive partitions between rooms. Instead, they put light screens or bamboo partitions, delimiting zones with textures, colors, furniture. In the studio, the room is connected to the kitchen.

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