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What is a thriller?

Evgeny Fogov
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What is a thriller?

The thriller genre in modern cinema is much more popular than ever. But what is his story and what is a thriller? Consider these questions in our article.

Thriller concept

Thriller are such literary works, as well as films that are designed to cause a feeling of excitement, fear and increasing tension. Thriller is also sometimes called suspense, which from English means disturbing.

The history of the thriller in the movie

Fritz Lang and Edward Hitchcock have always been real masters in the field of creating trailers. The first thrillers began to call such films as "The city is looking for a murderer" and "Woman in the window."

It is believed that Alfred Hitchcock has achieved great skill in creating thrillers precisely because he studied in detail psychology, medicine, and other areas of human activity. It should be noted that such a popular film genre as noir originated from a thriller. It is believed that the first films in this genre were �Hired Killers� and �Big Watch�.At the same time, the genre of thriller was overgrown with other subgenres, for example, a comedy thriller appeared. An example of a comedy thriller is the film �I See a Stranger.� Also among the subgenres of thrillers can be identified spy thriller, which has now become particularly popular. The first works in this genre were the films �I was a twin of Monty� and �Five Fingers�.

Thriller development in literature

Certainly the father of the thriller genre in literature can be considered Edgar Allan Poe, who very well succeeded in the skill of creating and forcing the atmosphere, causing the reader to experience emotional stress. At the same time, it is impossible not to mention other writers who also excelled in the thriller genre. These include James Ellroy, who published the black orchid and, of course, Stephen King, who became famous not only as the king of horrors, but also a master to keep the reader in suspense.


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