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What is human acclimatization?

Perhaps, before their first visit abroad, many did not even suspect that there was such a thing as acclimatization. And it is absolutely natural, because while a person is in the so-called “comfort zone” that is familiar to him, he doesn’t even suspect that the body can rebel against a new environment, which, one way or another, overtakes when visiting new countries .

When the gray days are fed up, the work has ceased to bring at least some pleasure, and every new morning and evening is absolutely similar to the previous day, we begin to understand that it is time to go on vacation. Today, even in the cold winter time, you can easily “jump over” into the hot summer, and, conversely, move from the annoying heat to a real snowy winter. All this, of course, is wonderful, but how to deal with acclimatization?

Not easy for everyone to travel

What is it all about and how does the process of acclimatization occur? And, if she nevertheless overtakes a man, then how can he deal with it? Actually,This is a very unpleasant concept that can significantly spoil the holiday for anyone, because it often manifests itself in the form of symptoms that can be attributed to a variety of diseases, such as high fever or diarrhea.

Scientifically speaking, acclimatization is the process of adapting an organism to new geographic and climatic conditions. For example, if you travel from cold, snowy winter places, where the average air temperature is -10-15 °, to countries with a hot tropical climate, your body will need at least several days to adjust to new, unusual for him, the conditions of life.

Main symptoms and features

A person’s ability to adapt to unaccustomed climatic conditions is called an adaptation potential; by the way, he can be trained, then the whole process will be easier and faster.

The main symptoms of acclimatization include fatigue, drowsiness, apathy, frequent headaches, sometimes even migraines, dizziness and sleep disorders. In some cases, the temperature may even rise, sore throat, nausea, flatulence, diarrhea, in some cases, on the contrary, constipation.

Symptoms may appear separately, and in some, the most “happy” cases, all together. Often, acclimatization is confused with the usual indisposition or cold, they even try to treat them with pills, but time passes and all symptoms disappear without a trace.

Usually the lion's share of troubles begins on the 2nd-3rd day after arriving at a new location, sometimes earlier, sometimes a little later, which can span from a few days to several weeks. Such a condition can not be called a disease, and, hence, from it there are no specific medications and methods of treatment. However, one can not help but notice that most of the inhabitants of the whole planet are subject to its manifestations, however, to some extent.

Especially difficult in the mountains

It is believed that the healthier the body, the easier it is to adapt to unusual conditions, and vice versa. Doctors say that the process of acclimatization is a normal process and even, to some extent, useful.

The body receives an incentive to fight and activate the "dormant" resources, to arrange a kind of shake, which strengthens the immunity and overall health of a person. The following fact is interesting: the more often the organism will experience such “shakes”, the next acclimatization process will be easier than the previous one.so that some chronic diseases may disappear altogether.

And yet, it should be noted that now we are talking about healthy or practically healthy people, for example, a greatly weakened immune system will quickly make itself felt on vacation, especially if the climate of your chosen place is very different from the usual one.

For example, changing the dry climate to a wet one is hardest, and the load on the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems increases.

Who is most subject to acclimatization?

It is believed that this process is most affected by children and the elderly, as well as those who overreact to changing climatic conditions, for example, people who respond to weather changes.

Acclimatization will be most clearly manifested in those people who replace contrasting types of climate, for example, if at a particular period the body is used to living in a fierce winter, it will be very difficult for him to reorganize to a hot and humid summer, and this means that certain malfunctions of the body will not escape.

Do not refuse to travel

It is believed that the whole process, on average, lasts about a week, and, therefore,if you have planned a vacation in hot countries or somewhere high in the mountains, then purchase vouchers that last at least 2 weeks, so that at least the remaining 7 days you can enjoy only the rest.

Children under the age of three years and do not recommend to take out of the country, especially in places where the climate is very different from the usual. Acclimatization is most acute in children of 9-12 years of age, the whole process can take up to 10 days, so many doctors recommend in this case to choose trips of at least 1 month duration.

Eat fruit

By the way, one should not think that this is an instantaneous process that manifests itself as soon as you cross the conditional borders of a new state, rather, on the contrary. Usually it comes gradually, 2-4 days after arrival, and most people believe that the symptoms that have arisen are related to an event, for example, outbid in the pool, the sea, something not eaten or drank cold water.

How to be?

Naturally, everyone who has already, at least once faced with something similar, I would like to know how to alleviate the general condition or even get rid of acclimatization. The latter you are unlikely to succeed, especially at first, tablets from it, as we have already said, does not exist, but you can influence its duration and the degree of manifestation, for this there are several practical tips.

  • First, as we have said, the adaptation process is much easier for people who lead an active and healthy lifestyle. That is why many doctors recommend before going, for at least several months, to normalize your daily regimen, get enough sleep, and also go in for sports.
  • Watch your diet, it should be filled with vitamins and useful elements, take care of this in advance.
  • For 1-2 months you can begin to strengthen your immunity, you can take vitamins in tablets or homeopathic preparations, especially if you are prone to various colds.
  • On arrival at the resting place, observe moderation in everything: get enough sleep, but do not overdo, do not overeat and treat with caution to the exotic cuisine, it does not fit for every stomach.
  • If you go to the land where there is too much time difference, then try for a few weeks to gradually accustom your body to a new time, at least half an hour a day.
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