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What hunt?

For a novice hunter, it is important to know which of the animals you can hunt and which are not. In this regard, let's look at what they hunt.

Hunting season

Note that there are different hunting seasons. In different season, you can hunt for certain species of wild beast. It is worth making a reservation that hunting for most animals is possible only with a license. In the spring, you can hunt under a license for a goose, black grouse, wood grouse, a bear and a drake. In summer, you can hunt a hare, a bear, a fur animal, a deer, a roe deer, an elk, a wild boar and other hoofed animals, and you can also hunt waterfowl marsh. In winter, you can hunt wolves, foxes, hares and various ungulates.

The largest number of bans on shooting wild animals and birds is in the month of June. In many regions of the country, it was forbidden in June to hunt wood-grouse, black grouse, hazel grouse, white partridge, quail, pheasant, double snipe, clintlug and other wild birds.

Who should not be hunted in June and July

Most of the ban on shooting wild birds in the month of June applies to the north and north-east of the country.In June, many wild animals, for example, bear, lynx, badger, wolverine, mink, roe deer, elk, wild boar, and hares, are also banned from hunting. As in the case of wild birds, hunting for these animals is prohibited due to molting or reproduction. In the following month, July, a smaller number of animals are banned for hunting, the list of birds remains almost unchanged, and pintail, plover and curlew replenish it. The list of animals that are not subject to shooting in the month of July includes a bear, a wolf, a ferret, an ermine, a roe deer, a northern deer, an elk, a wild boar, a hare, and a red deer. This is due to the fact that in July many of the animals and birds also enter the breeding season.

Note that with regards to seasonal hunting in different regions of the country there are rules, for example, in the Ryazan region it is forbidden to hunt more than 10 species of various wild animals. It is also important to know that bans on hunting can be removed and reappear. Therefore, each hunter must follow the information about the prohibitions of hunting. Details about who is allowed to hunt, read the article Who can hunt.

Regional bans

Hunting bans can be imposed not only in relation to the season, but also the method of fishing, as well as the extermination of female individuals.For example, in some regions of the country it is forbidden to hunt female grouse - grouse, in the Pskov region mining is prohibited by pen or surge. In the Altai Territory it is also impossible to catch game and animal in this way.

Motivation bans

Bans are most often explained by the desire to preserve species of the population: in June, many birds carry out broods and, therefore, their shooting can lead to the extermination of the species. Sometimes the ban on shooting birds is motivated by molting males. This applies to mallards and ducks that molt during June.

Again, bans may apply to certain hunting methods. The most popular ban is to kill fish. All sorts of bans on certain hunting methods are introduced not only because they can lead to mass destruction of individuals of a certain species, but also because of the danger they pose to the environment. At the same time, these prohibitions are sometimes moral in nature.


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