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What is better than the iPhone (iPhone)?

Recently, many new models have appeared on the global smartphone market. The growth in output is explained by the fact that the demand for handheld computers, which had recently threatened to compete with laptops, has noticeably decreased. But demand has fallen. And manufacturers of PDAs drew attention to the smartphone market. Among the variety of new models is not surprising to get confused. So, what is better than an iPhone today?

Sony Xperia Z

Sony's latest flagship is the Xperia Z. I would like to understand that there are better available iPhones from other companies than the iPhone, or make sure that there are none in nature.

  • Design. Both look just great. Xperia Z is similar to the iPhone 4 and 4S "glass" design. More beautiful than regular smartphones with regular plastic in the back. But, on the iPhone 5, the glass panel on the back is already replaced with gray aluminum. And the Xperia Z looks stylish, the front and back "glass" surfaces are clean and smooth.
  • Sony surprised competitors with the fact that the phone is certified and dust resistant. No one has yet offered such opportunities.
  • The screen of the Xperia Z is larger (5 inches versus 4) and the resolution is higher. On the big screen is more convenient to type text. The on-screen keyboard is “roomier”.
  • Sony has upgraded the Android interface and achieved ease of use, with the possibility of a large selection of widgets and gadgets for advanced users. If you want a simple device due to lack of experience, then choose iPhone 5.
  • Memory and processor. Operating systems are different, they are difficult to compare. But the advantage of the quad-core processor Xperia Z with a frequency of 1.5 Hz, over the dual-core iPhone 5 with a frequency of 1.3 Hz, it should be noted. Memory Sony Xperia Z - 16 GB, it is possible to increase it. The competitor iPhone 5 has no such possibility of increasing.
  • Camera. The interface has the same difference as mentioned above. The Xperia Z camera application allows you to make various popular settings, continuous shooting and recording of HDR video. It will allow you to get better recording quality in low light conditions. The iPhone 5 camera has a minimal selection of options.

Samsung galaxy s3

Recently, a new mobile phone Samsung Galaxy s3. For those who decide to choose a new smartphone, you need to figure out what is better than the iPhone 5 or Galaxy s3.

  • The display of the Galaxy s3 smartphone is larger, 4.8 inches versus 4.0 for the iPhone 5, though there are fewer pixels.
  • The advantages of the Android operating system do not need to be proved, it has long established itself as high-quality and reliable.And the i Phone 5 OS, iOS 6.0 OS, has, besides obvious advantages (many applications), a significant drawback. It is damp and needs some work, glitches are possible. In addition, the built-in browser of the Android operating system makes it easier to read long lines from the site, convenient transfer and the system supports Adobe Flash with video and sound, which iOS 6.0 cannot compete with.
  • The processor in the Galaxy s3 4-core, much more productive than the iPhone - with 2 cores.
  • At a cost Galaxy S3 is cheaper, almost twice.

You decide which smartphone to choose, although the benefits are obvious. Below we consider another smartphone.

RIM - BlackBerry OS

To decide which iPhone 5 or BlackBerry is better, you need to figure it out. Smartphones are not only different in design, but have different capabilities:

  • The iPhone is a touchscreen monoblock, while ROME’s models can have both a touchscreen and a conventional screen. BlackBerry is a candy bar with a full qwerty keyboard. There are still exceptions in the form of clamshells.
  • The choice of BlackBerry models is incomparably larger than the iPhone.
  • The weight of Blackbury is less than that of iPhones, because the bodies of the former are made of high-quality plastic, and in the latter of the metal, which, moreover, will soon be covered with scratches.
  • RAM for BlackBerry OS, developed by the manufacturer of the device, as a program of business quality.
  • Blekberi do not have a large built-in memory.But a slot for a memory card provides the ability to increase memory up to 32 GB. The user can choose himself as it is more convenient for him. You can store information on a flash card and replace it if necessary.
  • It is more convenient to work with e-mail, there is access to the organizer and corporate mail. For iPhones - only personal mail.

For an office worker, BlackBerry is a great option.


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