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What is borey?

Ekaterina Zhukova
Ekaterina Zhukova
January 12, 2015
What is borey?

Now the beautiful word "borey" is called shops, art galleries, computer programs. In addition, the name "Borey" is a new series of Russian strategic nuclear submarines.

What is a Boreas, where did this word come from, what is its meaning, and will be discussed further.

What is Boreas: the original meaning of the word

The word "Borey" is of Greek origin. Borey is the name of the god of the north wind from ancient Greek myths. According to these myths, the parents of Boreas were the god of the starry sky, Astrey, and the goddess of the morning dawn, Eos. In addition, Boreas had brothers - Zephyr and Music. Such family ties prove the close relationship of the god Boreas and the forces of natural elements. He lived Boreas in Thrace - the kingdom of cold and darkness.

The ancient Greeks portrayed Boreas as a stern, large, muscular man with long hair, beard and wings. Also, images of Boreas in the form of a powerful stallion are often encountered, since, according to ancient myths, Boreas was also a werewolf, and his second, animal form was a horse.In this incarnation, Boreas, according to myths, became the father of twelve beautiful horses, as fast as the wind itself. These foals gave birth to the mare of Erihtoni, but Boreas had another horse progeny that appeared from marriages with Erini and Harpy.

There are also myths that trace the connection of the god Boreas with the kings of Attica (for example, the myth of how Boreas kidnapped Oriphia - the daughter of the Athenian king Erechtheus). And the “human” sons of Boreas Zet and Kalaid took part in the famous journey of the Argonauts.


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