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What is ceramics?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
January 26, 2015
What is ceramics?

Surely, even in everyday speech, you often met the phrase "ceramic products" or "pottery dishes". Under these definitions fits a huge number of devices and objects that surround us and that we use almost every day. Therefore, you should understand what is ceramics and what it is. This will be discussed in this article.

Ceramics: definition

Translated from the Greek language "ceramics" - is "clay". That is why, in a narrow sense, it is called burnt clay and clay products that have been fired. In the broad sense of the word, ceramics represents everything that is made when exposed to high temperatures from inorganic materials, as well as their mixtures with various mineral additives.

For a long time, ceramics have been used as dishes (mainly from clay or mixed with other materials). To date, the concept has expanded greatly. Now pottery is used in the fields of construction, medicine, industry, art and others.

There are two main types of ceramics - thin and coarse, which differ in structure.The most common examples of fine look are porcelain and earthenware, and coarse - pottery ceramics.

To create porcelain, the main additives are feldspar, sand and kaolin. In the manufacture of pottery ceramics used red clay. Then it is usually coated with glaze or colored clay paints.


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