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What is clothing?

Alexandra Bychkova
Alexandra Bychkova
March 12, 2013
What is clothing?

Everyone knows that clothes are products that a person puts on himself in order to protect the body from the negative effects of the external environment. The question of what clothing is, we ask ourselves when we first consciously want to understand the ritual of dressing itself. Hundreds of books have been written on this topic, a lot of films have been shot, but so far mankind has come up with more and more new types and functions of clothing.

It is known that man began to sew clothes from the skins of dead animals about 100 thousand years ago with the sole purpose of protecting himself. Before him, no mammal on earth had ever used clothing to protect his body. Since then, much water has flowed, cities, times, civilizations have changed, and what clothes are for, has undergone changes. So, modern clothing performs the following functions:

  • protective function (from various natural factors, insects, weapons, harmful substances); hiding function (the desire of a person to hide his nakedness for cultural purposes);
  • hygienic function (clothing protects people from dirt and germs);
  • aesthetic function (everyone knows about the concept of "fashion");
  • auxiliary function (overalls usually perform this function);
  • alarm function (clothing helps to determine gender, age, social status, nationality, as well as the presence or absence of taste in humans).

Clothing classification

What is clothing made of? In modern society, clothing can be made from the following natural and artificial materials:

  • linen and cotton fabric (underwear);
  • wool and wool knitwear;
  • natural silk;
  • synthetic materials (polyester, viscose, polyamide fibers, nylon);
  • rubberized and asbestos fabric (working clothes);
  • polyvinyl chloride film and plastic compounds (overalls).

These materials are essential when creating clothes of various kinds. In addition, there are many other artificially created materials that are created thanks to the achievements of the chemical industry. What can be said about the types of clothing? In the modern world, all existing clothing is divided into four large groups:

  • outerwear (sleeveless jacket, jumper, pants, rain coat, vest, sheepskin coat, jacket, cardigan, coat, jacket, raincoat, dress, shirt, skirt, fur coat);
  • underwear (bra, thermal underwear, T-shirt, underpants, stockings, tights, corset, pantaloons, socks, diaper, stockings, thongs, pants, harem pants, pajamas);
  • shoes (boots, boots, sneakers, boots, shoes, galoshes, slippers, sandals, sneakers, sandals, shoes);
  • hats (baseball cap, hat, hat, kerchief, beret, bandana, peaked cap);

Special is the special clothing, which is a combination of upper and lower clothing, as well as shoes and hats. It includes work, sports, army, ritual, theatrical and national clothes, as well as clothes for leisure.


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