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What is dangerous medical abortion

Medical abortion in Russia began to do in 2000, today this method is the most popular. Hospitalization is not required, the risks of infection during manipulations are excluded, the psychological state of the woman suffers less, as the abortion occurs as a miscarriage, without introducing tools into the uterus. A woman takes the drug in the presence of a doctor and is in a hospital for several hours; after 48 hours, she is given a control ultrasound scan and a blood test is taken for hCG. 14 days after the procedure, the diagnosis is repeated.
The drug blocks the action of progesterone and increases the contractility of the uterus, it is most effective up to 42 days of delay, after this period, women are usually recommended other types of abortion. The effectiveness of the drug is quite high, only 2.5% of the pregnancy is not interrupted, and 5-7% have incomplete expulsion of the fetus or termination of pregnancy without the expulsion of the ovum from the uterus. In this case, vacuum aspiration of the ovum is required.The study took into account all cases of medical abortion, but the shorter the period of pregnancy, the higher the efficiency, and the less often complications arise.
During the first days after a medical abortion, a woman may experience very severe pain due to a contraction of the uterus, while the use of spasmolytics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is prohibited. Expulsion of the fetus lasts for 1-3 days, but sometimes there is bleeding or the addition of infection. Scanty bleeding indicates that the cervix is ​​closed and the remnants of the fetus can not get out. Bleeding should be a little more abundant than in the early days of normal menstruation.
Raising the temperature above 38 ° C is always a reason to go to the clinic where an abortion was done, if this is not possible, you should immediately contact the gynecological hospital or call an ambulance. With significant blood loss, anemia may occur. 2-3 weeks after the abortion, you must pass a blood test for hemoglobin. Nausea, single vomiting, diarrhea are the most frequent complaints. This does not affect the state of the woman in the future, as well as headache, short-term sleep disturbances, dizziness, weakness and nervousness.
Hormonal disorders are more dangerous complications, a small percentage of women may develop endometriosis, uterine fibroids, cervical erosion, menstrual disorders and infertility. For this reason, a woman needs to be examined before an abortion, in order to minimize the risks, since under some conditions abortion is prohibited by drugs. Smoking, taking oral contraceptives and other hormonal drugs are a contraindication for such an abortion. Normal psychological discomfort should last no more than 2 weeks; women should be given psychological help. If depression persists longer than 2 weeks, you need to contact a psychotherapist. After a medical abortion, you must visit a gynecologist to find the optimal method of contraception and examine the reproductive system to rule out complications.

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