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What is etiquette?

Each of us has ever been called upon to observe etiquette. Do you really know what etiquette is? If you find it difficult to answer this question, then let's understand together!

Etiquette is part of our culture; all those rules and regulations that describe what should be the behavior of a person, among other people. The use of this concept in the form in which it now exists is attributed to Louis XIV. However, the very rules of behavior at certain events and in different situations existed in antiquity. So, "Domostroy" (XVI century) is the first known Russian set of rules of conduct.

Etiquette changes over time. Therefore, what was mandatory 100 years ago today will seem at least strange. The rules and rules of etiquette "adapt" to each era.

If with the very understanding of the term "etiquette" everything is clear, then why is etiquette needed? Is it important to comply with existing standards? Since etiquette is not a set of binding rules, everyone is free to decide for himself whether to adhere to it or not.However, compliance with etiquette can greatly facilitate your life.

First, etiquette - those norms and rules that are known to many, therefore, adhering to them, you can always find a common language with the people around you. Secondly, your knowledge of the norms of etiquette contributes to a polite and respectful attitude towards people in general, and directly to those with whom you are dealing. And, as you know, your attitude towards others influences how they will relate to you. Thus, etiquette - the rules of the game that people agree to abide by in order to facilitate life in society.

Speech etiquette

With the concept of etiquette, we figured out. But there are several types of etiquette, among which speech etiquette. What is speech etiquette? The concept of "etiquette" is quite broad, and includes not only the norms of behavior, but also clothing, attitude to people, manners, and more. As for speech etiquette, this is all the same set of rules or norms that determines exactly how a person should build their communication.

For example, to people who are significantly older than you in age or position, you need to contact by name and patronymic. On the other hand, it is enough for people close to you to address by name. Speech etiquette also determines which type of communication to choose depending on the situation.

Speech etiquette is all those words that have already become a part of our daily life and are indicators of politeness. These include, for example, the wishes of a good day or health, as well as greetings and farewells.

Business Etiquette

In addition to speech etiquette, business etiquette plays an important role in our life. What is business etiquette, and what can be distinguished components of this type of etiquette? Business etiquette is a set of rules for business conduct; those. order of behavior, which we adhere to at work.

Business etiquette consists of the following parts:

  • non-verbal communication - gestures, facial expressions, gait, etc;
  • manners of the subordinate and the head;
  • business clothes;
  • particular etiquette of the country, specific locality;
  • speech etiquette;
  • etiquette of negotiation, including telephone;
  • etiquette on the Internet.

Etiquette is what helps to achieve success not only in work, but also in everyday communication. Knowing how to behave in a certain situation will make you stand out among other people.


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