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What is folklore?

Victoria Dmitrieva
Victoria Dmitrieva
January 28, 2013
What is folklore?

Russian language is so strongly mixed with words of foreign origin that it is difficult for the younger generation to distinguish the true nature of the word. We often hear familiar words and very rarely think about their meaning. For example, how many times have you asked yourself what is folklore?


In fact, “folklore” is a purely English word and means “folk wisdom” in translation. The creative work of the people (both its individual representatives and entire groups), which characterizes the way of life, traditions, values ​​and ideals, is embedded in the meaning of this concept. Folklore is an expression of popular self-consciousness that exists among the masses and a means of disseminating this opinion.

Types of folklore

The types of folklore, which are closely connected with art, help to spread this popular self-consciousness. Basically with poetry, since most of the folk art is oral. These are songs, epics and thoughts, ballads and ditties. Tales, epics and ceremonial lamentations. Jokes, proverbs and sayings.Folklore is widely represented in dance, architecture, and decorative and applied arts. The genres in folklore differ in the way they are performed (solo, chorus, group of masters). Also common is the division of folklore according to professional and social areas (student, army folklore, work of coachmen and barge haulers).

But art is not all that relates to folklore. It is also a science. Folk creations of ancient times help researchers of history and ethnography to extract new facts bit by bit from plots or texts.

Folklore is not only rooted deep in antiquity, but continues to evolve, improve and evolve in modern times. However, there are types of folklore that are productive (jokes, sayings, ditties and children's folklore), and unproductive (epic, ritual songs). These genres are practically not in demand.

"Popular wisdom" of each nation is unique, due to the uniqueness of history, culture and customs.


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