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What is interesting and useful can be found in the online textile store Idea-home?

A blanket

It should be light and warm at the same time. A very hot and heavy blanket will interfere with your sleep. To choose the right blanket, consider its type. There are six types of blankets:

  1. summer - light and comfortable, thanks to them the air circulates well;
  2. winter - modern warm and light;
  3. warmed - for especially frosty nights, suit those who strongly freeze;
  4. demi-season - for rooms with moderate temperatures;
  5. 4 seasons - have two parts:
  6. in warm weather only one is used, in cold - both.

The cost of the blanket depends on the filler. Natural is worth more than synthetic. Of natural especially valued sheep and camel wool, duck and goose feathers, eiderdown, silk, bamboo, corn and cotton fiber. Each of these materials has its own advantages: feathers and wool are more suitable for winter, silk and fibers - for the warm season.Among artificial fillers are popular comfort, holofiber and sintepon. They are soft and elastic, keep their shape well and are hygroscopic. Silicone is also popular - it has durability and keeps its shape perfectly. All modern blankets are comfortable and easy to clean.

On the site you will find several models of coarse calico or microfiber, with a padding polyester, as well as blankets with swan's down.

Mattress cover

Mattress covers are special covers designed to protect mattresses from dirt, they are especially good for models with foam rubber and latex fillers. These covers are made of multilayer canvases (three to four layers each), they have good breathability, which helps the body to breathe and retain heat. Top and bottom sew cotton, you can also find models of microfiber. The filler can be used natural or synthetic, angular straps or elastic bands are used for fastening.

The mattress pad will help to increase the life of the mattress, give it extra rigidity or softness, protect it from getting wet, keep the mattress from getting wet and create additional comfort during sleep.Choosing a mattress topper, pay attention to its filler, type and size.

Types distinguish the following:

  1. Classic - they are sewn from sintepon and microfiber;
  2. Antibacterial - have a special impregnation, which will prevent the development of microorganisms;
  3. Waterproof - protect from spilled liquid and excess moisture;
  4. Children - create comfortable conditions for children's sleep, have waterproof properties.

Mattress to choose the size of the mattress. If it is double, a cover for it needs to be selected in the same size. Cotton mattress owners often choose waterproof mattress covers. Mattress covers are suitable for any type of mattress: frame, springless, toppers, pocket spring. For summer, it is better to pick up mattress covers made of cotton and microfiber, and in winter to buy from padding polyester and wool.

On the site you will find several models with different types of fabric and fillers, consider and choose to your taste.


An indispensable thing to maintain a neat-looking bed and decorate a bedroom is a beautiful bedspread. Ideally, a blanket should hang on each side by 15–20 cm. If the bed is located against a wall, an allowance from one side is taken into account.If you want to close the bed base along the entire perimeter, add allowances to the width and to the length of the berth, equal in height.

For bedspreads, fabrics made from natural fibers (wool, silk, cotton, bamboo) and artificial (fleece, microfiber, acrylic, viscose, artificial fur) are often used. The most popular are microfiber fabrics - a versatile material that breathes and is easy to wash, and it does not wrinkle or shrink.

Choosing the color of the bedspread, consider the overall design of the room, the shades of wallpaper, furniture, walls, curtains and bedding. For spacious and light rooms, rich shades are recommended, which are more suitable for sofa covers. For a small bedroom, choose a monochromatic blanket of a bright and warm color that will perfectly match the color of the carpet, curtains and walls.


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