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What is interferon?

Elena Odushkina
Elena Odushkina
March 30, 2015
What is interferon?

What is interferon? This is a special type of polypeptide that helps fight viruses and infections. This substance can be synthesized in the cells of the blood and mucous epithelium. Standing out in the extracellular space, it activates the activity of neighboring tissues and the immune processes in them.

Interferon can be natural, that is, produced under the influence of the virus in leukocytes or recombinant and synthesized by bacteria with the integrated genome of this substance.

Classification refers to the division into alpha, beta and gamma interferon, depending on the type of cells that produce this polypeptide. The first two species are acid-resistant, the last - acid-labile.

Interferon inducers are drugs that do not possess antigenicity, aimed at combating the virus (etiotropic) or stimulating the immune system.


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