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What is the nose scratching for?

Irina Kosheleva
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What is the nose scratching for?

Each of us since childhood has absorbed some national signs with mother's milk. The hand itches to the money, the eyebrow to the tears, but why does the nose itch?

This is also one of the most famous Slavic signs. The nose always itches for an interesting evening. But the outcome of the evening may be two: either a booze or a fight, or a fight. Or a fight on a booze-spree.

And the wise Slavs even figured out how to vary the �show program� for the evening. To avoid a fight, you should ask someone to put a fist under your nose. In extreme cases, you can do it yourself. To avoid drinking, you should put a barrel under your nose.

And everything, as they say, as grandma whispered!


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