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What is prose?

Marina Nazarenko
Marina Nazarenko
March 18, 2013
What is prose?

We all studied prose at school in literature classes, and who can now answer the question of what is prose? Maybe you remember what prose is called oral or written speech, but you probably forgot that prose works are not divided into comparable segments (in other words, verses). Unlike verses, the rhythm of prose works is the ratio of syntactic constructions (sentences, periods).

Prose originated in the days of ancient literature. Since the XIX century, prose began to lead in the literature.

Let us explain what relates to prose. Prose is called ordinary speech, simple, not dimensional, without dimensions. However, there is a dimensional prose, similar in its sound to old Russian songs.

Prose also has forms. So, originally developed journalistic, business, scientific, religious and preaching, memoirs and confessional forms.

Stories, novels and novels belong to prose and differ from the lyrics by their emotional restraint, intellectuality, and philosophical beginnings.

From the definition at the beginning of the article it is easy to understand that prose is the opposite of a poem. But then what is a prose poem? This text is very flexible, but without rhyme, almost always of romantic content. Many prose poems were written by I.S. Turgenev.

Prose genres

Traditionally, literary genres related to prose include:

  • Novel. A novel is a narrative work, large in size and with a complex, developed plot.
  • Tale. This is a kind of epic poetry, similar to a novel that tells about some episode from life. In the story to a lesser extent than in the novel, it tells about the life and disposition of the characters, it is shorter and more restrained.
  • Novella. A novel is a small literary narrative genre. By volume, it is comparable to the story, but the distinguishing feature is the presence of genesis, history and structure.
  • The Epic. Epic work, monumental in form, affecting national issues.
  • Story. It is a small form of fiction. The volume of the text is small, since the story does not cover a large period of time and describes a specific event in a particular time interval.
  • Essay. This is an essay of prose on any topic.The volume is small, the composition is not strictly marked. In the essay, the author expresses his individual impression and opinion on a specific issue.
  • Biography - we all know the form of presenting the history of life and human activity.

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