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Why dream of a cobra?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
February 18, 2015
Why dream of a cobra?

Any detail taken away in a dream may be important for its interpretation. For this reason, you should try to remember the dream as a whole, and then break it into components.

Let's talk more about what the cobra is dreaming about.

How to interpret the dream of a cobra

Most often, the cobra dreams of an enemy who will soon attack the dreamer. He should be on his guard, otherwise unpleasant consequences can not be avoided. It should also be remembered who of the acquaintances, friends looked like a snake: it is from him that one can expect a stab in the back.

Why dream of a cobra woman?

If a cobra in a dream attacked a dreamer, then she is in danger. Someone wants to see her crushed, devastated and weeping with grief. She should analyze her surroundings, because a secret enemy is wound up in him, who is just waiting for the moment to defeat her. When a woman in a dream only saw a cobra that crawled around her, in reality she would become an object of gossip. Someone familiar will spread false rumors that will harm her reputation.

If in a dream a cobra was hypnotizing a dreamer, then in real life she fell under the spell of a man who wishes her evil. A woman needs to come to her senses as soon as possible and look at the enemy from a completely different angle.

If a cobra dreamed a man

It is possible to interpret a dream in which a man saw a cobra, in different ways. In some cases, this symbol is erotic. So, if she pounced on the dreamer, but did not sting him, he will soon meet a beautiful woman with whom he will have a torrid romance.

To dream of a cobra eating a rodent or a bird is deceiving. We need to look at the environment, among friends there are not very decent people.


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