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What is the dream of a baby?

August 6, 2012
What is the dream of a baby?

The baby symbolizes the human soul. The pure and immaculate image of the infant, untainted by sins, causes only bright thoughts. We learn about the meaning of the baby in dreams.

About what the baby dreams about: basic interpretations

  1. Often the dream of a newborn marks a pleasant surprise, something new.
  2. A baby in a dream can also mean the birth of something new in you, about spiritual development.
  3. The exit from the predicament foreshadows the dream of bathing the baby. Such a dream also speaks of financial improvement in reality.
  4. A wet nurse with a baby in her arms promises family well-being.
  5. If a girl is walking or nursing in a dream with a baby, in reality her relationship with her relatives will be pleasant.
  6. A crying newborn promises a girl many small joys. Laughter, on the contrary, foreshadows disappointment, but insignificant.
  7. If a young man is bathing a baby, he can expect financial well-being.
  8. Infant breastfeeding dreams to an early success in the conceived case.
  9. If in a dream you are breastfeeding, then perhaps you will find a new direction in life or will embody new ideas.
  10. The manifestation of warm feelings, care for the newborn in a dream means the emergence of a new business. And you will need patience, but the result will be worth it.
  11. In the dream, you yourself are a baby? Maybe you need psychological support. Deep inside is a feeling of disorder and dissatisfaction.
  12. Why dream baby boy? To profit, wealth. But a miracle (surprise) - this is what a baby girl dreams about.
  13. Dreams that hold the baby by the hand - probably complete a risky business, and successfully.
  14. Kissing a baby in a dream - preserving freshness to a great age.
  15. Carried a baby in a dream for a walk? In reality, expect a surprise associated with the trip or travel.
  16. To see a dead baby in a dream marks a pleasant message or an improvement in its monetary condition.
  17. Hearing baby babble in a dream means that there will be (or already there is) a person who will get tired of empty talk. Or you are dealing with a person who does not know what he is doing.

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