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What is a "term"?

Natalya Galushko
Natalya Galushko
February 19, 2013
What is a "term"?

The word "term" ("terminus" - Latin) is translated as the boundary or limit. What does the term mean? Based on the translation, it should define or limit some notion, action, or, say, a phenomenon. And there is.

Terms are defined words. Whatever mankind is engaged in, be it sport, agriculture, science, hobby, art or politics, everywhere there is its own, separately taken and generalized, system of terms - terminology. She collects all the terms of the industry.

What is the term, of course. But why use it? And how does the term differ from the words of general vocabulary? And we need terms for general information systematization. And they differ from other words in their uniqueness and stylistic neutrality.

In life, examples of terms can be found at every step. Deposit, loan, deposit, mortgage, interest - this is banking terminology. A synonym, homonym, sentence, noun, suffix - and this is the terminology of the Russian language. The musicians use the terms sharp, flat, octave, stave, treble clef, staccato, moderato, legato. And chemists in everyday life sulfate, chloride, oxide and alkali.


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