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What is useful snake cucumber?

There are many different varieties of cucumbers, but you probably know little about snake form. It has its own characteristics and useful properties that will be interesting to learn not only vegetable growers, but also those who eat vegetables.


The snake cucumber is a plant belonging to the Pumpkin family. This name he received for a very specific shape of the fruit: they can be up to 1-1.5 meters in length, very thin and often bend like snakes. The average diameter is 4-5 centimeters.

Snake cucumbers were first discovered in India, but today they are found in many subtropical and tropical regions, and are also successfully cultivated by growers on different continents, although in Europe it is not grown as often as in warm countries.

The shade of the cucumber skin depends on the degree of maturity. At first it is light green, then turns yellow, and then turns orange or even red. The pulp is somewhat slimy, and in hue it coincides with the skin or slightly differs from it.

For your information! The scientific botanical name is serpentine trichozant. But in the people the vegetable is often called the Chinese serpent, cucumber or snake pumpkin.

What does a snake cucumber contain?

The composition of snake cucumber includes a lot of nutrients, such as vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, the minimum amount of fat, potassium, copper, phosphorus, sodium, selenium, iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, magnesium, vitamins D, C, PP, E, K and group B. Calories per hundred grams is about 14-15 calories.


Consider all the useful properties possessed by the snake cucumber:

  • B vitamins normalize the metabolic processes occurring in the human body, as well as improve the functioning of the nervous system, making sleep calmer and increasing stress resistance.
  • Sodium helps to maintain optimal water-salt balance and ensures the preservation of water in the cells, preventing dehydration.
  • Calcium contributes to maintaining healthy bone structure and reduces bone fragility, reducing the risk of cracks and fractures.
  • Potassium transports the necessary substances to the heart, nourishes the heart muscle and prevents myocardial infarction.
  • Magnesium helps to relieve muscle tension.
  • Vitamin K normalizes blood clotting.
  • Dietary fiber, firstly, removes slag and toxic substances in a timely and gentle manner, and secondly, relieves constipation naturally by stimulating contractions of the intestinal walls.
  • Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system, as well as significantly increase the resistance of the human body to infections.
  • Snake cucumber has pronounced astringent and regenerating properties that promote accelerated wound healing.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect allows to arrest inflammation, localized in different tissues.
  • This vegetable has a diuretic effect and prevents the appearance of edema.
  • Ingredients have an antiseptic effect, inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  • Snake cucumber has found wide application in cosmetology and is added to various creams, lotions and masks. This component cleans well, fights acne, heals wounds, improves skin tone, improves skin color and helps to maintain youth.
  • Fruits help to liquefy and remove phlegm, so they can be used for respiratory diseases such as bronchitis.

Can everyone eat snake cucumbers?

Contraindications to the use of snake cucumbers are few, these include, above all, individual hypersensitivity. In allergic people, a vegetable can cause undesirable reactions, but they occur infrequently.

Do not abuse, so that the product does not cause harm. If you eat a lot of vegetables, you can face dyspeptic disorders: diarrhea, nausea, boiling in the intestines, flatulence. It is necessary to know the measure and diabetics, because in this product there are natural sugars.

How to use such vegetables?

In the culinary arts of Asian countries, snake cucumbers are found in many traditional dishes, and both in fresh and in processed form. Fruits are added to fresh salads, vegetable stews, meat dishes, soups. Also, snake cucumbers are stewed, boiled, baked, fried on grill or in oil.

The product can be conserved and harvested for the winter, using recipes applicable to ordinary cucumbers. They also turn out tasty pickled and lightly salted.

Tip! Snake cucumbers are perfectly combined with funchoza and soba noodles. In addition to these ingredients, you can add other ingredients, for example, various vegetables and seafood.

If you are lucky enough to find and try a snake cucumber, you can appreciate its benefits and unique characteristics. Also try to cook an interesting dish.

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