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What is validation - explain in simple words


In colloquial speech, they began to often mention such an unusual word as “validation”. True, not all people have figured out what it means. For some, this term seems completely meaningless. There is one more similar, but also not quite clear word - verification. Many define them as synonyms, but in fact they have different meanings. In order not to ask again and not to appear to the interlocutor as uneducated, it is better to understand in advance, validation and verification - what is this, if we explain it in simple words?

What is validation?

Explaining in simple terms, we can say thatValidation is the delivery of evidence that a particular item (for example, a product or service) meets the necessary requirements.

On a note! There are two main versions of the origin of the word "validation". One by one it consists of two Latin words: verus - true and facere - to do. Another version - the word "validation" came from the Late Latin language and means "confirmation."

For example, after the manufacture of a mountain bike, its validity will be established when the customer rides it and confirms that all of its requirements are exactly met.


Summarizing the concept of validation in simple words, it is worth noting that this is:

  1. The set of procedures aimed at the certificate of compliance of the object of study to certain standards. To prove this, a process, system or project is applied. This definition is peculiar to management.
  2. Activities that prove the fact that a process, method or system will provide the expected result.
  3. Ratification or legalization to legitimize something - in this way often operate in the field of law and law.

Validation is applied in all areas of activity, as evidenced by the numerous examples that will be given below in the article.

Differences between validation and verification

Unlike validation,verification is an internal process of quality control of a certain object, which occurs by reconciling this subject with pre-established requirements. In simple words about validation, it can be said that this is a test of the conformity of the quality of a product or service to a particular consumer.As for verification, it is a check by the customer whether the work performed meets the standards and requirements.


To better understand what the term "validation" is, how it differs from verification, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the examples. The simplest is the manufacture of an ordinary bicycle. Its design fully complies with the stated requirements. That is, the bike has wheels, pedals, a saddle, a chain, and so on. Verification was successful. But during the test, it was found out that he was not fulfilling his functions, and simply, he was not traveling. In other words, validity is not confirmed. The effect of the fact that the bicycle has everything, no.

It is worth citing a few more examples in order to better understand the difference between validation and verification:

  • technical control departments carry out verification;
  • audit activity belongs to validation;
  • Acts on the delivery of a certain facility in operation carry out validation.

Based on the foregoing, it should be concluded that verification is mandatory, and validation only when necessary.

For example, an enterprise determines whether the released medicines meet the established standards,and the decision on whether or not to accept them to a specific patient is made by the attending physician, performing validation.

In medecine

So, what is validation in simple words in medicine and how does it differ from verification? As an example, the following.

Conducting numerous studies of a new drug to determine its effectiveness in treating a particular disease is verification. That is, the drug copes with its task and is able to get rid of the disease. But, like any other medicine, it does not suit every patient. In order to prescribe treatment with this tool to a particular patient, the doctor must validate.


In the production process

If we consider the production process, then validation in it means compliance of a particular product with the stated requirements. In simple words, the manufacturer is fully responsible for the quality of goods and services, satisfying all the needs of the consumer.

For example, a car is released for sale only after inspections and testing, which all components must pass. Their characteristics must be confirmed by consumers.If they meet personal requirements, the car is considered valid.


If the characteristics do not correspond to the promises of the manufacturer, the buyer has the right to make claims to him. In this case, additional checks and tests in production are required.

We can give another example, which will help to explain in simple terms what validation is. Suppose the firm specializes in the manufacture of pipes intended for laying underground. Technical conditions of the product fully comply with the stated requirements. However, the customer makes an order for laying pipes in the ground under water. Do the pipes meet the specifications in this case? The answer to this question will be given by the validation process.

In the field of copywriting

A copywriter is engaged in writing articles for sale. The text does not contain spelling and punctuation errors, it is unique. That is, it is of high quality. But this article, despite the high quality, may not be suitable for a specific customer, because it does not meet individual requirements. For example, he wants to see a different structure and so on. Thus, the text can be valid for one and not valid for another customer.


Validation of equipment

In the process of manufacturing a new equipment manufacturer indicates its properties, which include weight, dimensions, operating conditions and so on. They must comply with the general requirements for a particular type of product. However, this equipment will not be valid for every consumer, which depends on the specific situation.


In the field of construction

The construction of houses and other objects is carried out according to established building codes and regulations. That is, if they are observed, the buildings can be considered safe for use. However, not for each person these building objects will be suitable. That is, validation will not satisfy everyone.


In banking

One of the objectives of validation is the security of bank accounts, accounts and other things that are directly related to a comfortable life. It is precisely the ignorance of most people that fraudsters and intruders try to use in order to find out personal data and gain access to valuable things. They use messages in which they are asked to validate accounts, bank cards and other things.


On a note! If a window appears on the screen asking for validation or verification of personal data, it is necessary to check the address bar of the site. Missed and redundant characters indicate attempted fraud. You can try to access the same resource from another browser. If this message does not appear, it is advisable to check the device for viruses.

From all of the above, we can conclude: verification is more common than validation, which is not always needed.

In system programming

In system programming, validation is used to determine how accurately a certain model represents a given real-world entity from the perspective of a potential user. That is, it checks whether the document complies with web standards, errors are detected. If this procedure was successful, and there are no comments on the code, the document is considered valid.


Video: what is validation and verification in simple words?

Surely, many people will have a very reasonable question: why do they even understand these terms? After all, before this, nothing was known about validation and verification,but in life it did not create interference. Answering this question, we can safely see that in the concepts presented there are practical benefits.

Since the validation and verification processes have to be encountered in all spheres of life, it is necessary to know what these concepts mean. For those who perceive the information better from the screen, below are the videos. They tell in detail what validation and verification are in simple words.


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