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What is vascular atherosclerosis

One of the serious diseases of the cardiovascular system isatherosclerosis. What is it like and what is the danger? Atherosclerosis is a chronic disease associated with impaired metabolic processes in the body, resulting invesselsthickening of cholesterol and connective tissue structures form, forming an atherosclerotic plaque together. The lumen of the vessel is thus narrowed, deformed, and the proper blood supply to the organs and tissues that receive blood from it is disturbed. Contributing factors for developmentatherosclerosisa: - genetic predisposition; - smoking; - alcohol abuse; - eating foods high in saturated fatty acids (animal fats); - high blood cholesterol levels; - diabetes.atherosclerosise are more often affected large vessels, such as the aorta, arteries, supplying the brain and limbs.Atherosclerotic plaque has a certain property - it can tear off from the vessel wall and freely circulate with the blood flow throughout the body. Encountering arteries with smaller diameter on its way, it closes their lumen and disrupts the blood supply of nearby organs and tissues. So closing the gapvesselscerebral stroke develops with obstructionvesselsheart - a heart attack, and limbs - gangrene. Foratherosclerosisand the course of the current is characterized by the following symptoms: - with the defeatvesselsbrain - ischemic conditions, strokes, dizziness, impaired speech, coordination and movements; - with the defeatvesselsHearts - pains in the cardiac region, impaired rhythm of the contraction of the heart muscle;vesselslower extremities - pain in the calf muscles, first when walking, and then at rest; feeling of numbness in the foot; blackening of the skin; trophic ulcers. If one of the above symptoms appear, immediately contact your doctor. Periodically donate blood to calculate the quantitative content of total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides.

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