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What is your favorite photographer who shoots in the same style as Eugenio Recuenko, and in general have you heard of this?)))

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Answered on November 30, 2014 12:25
In fact, this style seems to me sad. I have seen many of them, but I have never been interested in such works. I like the Mexican Enrico Vostro more - he always has nature in his works, the outfits of models are very harmoniously combined. The first time I saw a girl in a white dress, shot from below with a camera on a starry sky, was blown away. So he also uses the first frame rule! And such cool pictures do. So look for something spiritual)
Answered on November 30, 2014 12:52
To be honest, his psychedel works remind me. I saw this from someone in The Photographer magazine.Absolutely stupid style, dofiga processed photos. Now naturalization is valued, now it is necessary to shoot so that it was a pleasure to watch. In addition, it is very annoying that this guy is shooting landscapes and the life of our country is so bad. In short, I'm certainly not an icon, but as a person who has been working as a photographer for ten years and managed to visit many exhibitions in Europe and the Russian Federation, I would say that I didn’t like his work. None.

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