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What makes a woman a woman?

Starting to consider the question of what makes a woman a woman, let us begin by defining what she is “a real woman”. And although the criteria and requests are different for everyone, a number of definitions stand out here. The real woman is a stronghold of sensuality, mystery and sexual attraction of men.

However, such a concept is not very accurate and generalizes the depth of what makes a woman a woman. Let us in this question first consider the aspect of the anatomical structure of the female body.


It's no secret that men are especially thrilled about the female breast. And although this organ of the female body, from the point of view of anatomy, is not a super complex mechanism (it consists of mammary glands and adipose tissue), it still has great power. Knowing this, women at all times sought to emphasize and reveal the attractiveness of their breasts, while neglecting the key role of the genital organs of the small pelvis. However, it is in the ovaries protected by bones of the small pelvis that hormones (estrogen and progesterone) are produced and the eggs mature.

The first (estrogen), are responsible for the attractiveness of women in the eyes of men.Thanks to estrogens, a woman forms bodily roundness, appears fat on the thighs and ass, increases the chest, appears on the cheeks a light blush, shines in the eyes, and the voice gets an exciting depth. In this case, the movements of women become slow and smooth. Excess strict does not make a woman sexy and more seductive. Here the main thing is the balance of hormonal background. Careful and tender sex is the best way to harmonize hormones. Therefore, what women do with men at night is dictated, not only by instincts.

Woman and men

A real woman knows how to please men, skillfully manipulates and directs them. Yes, so skillfully that the latter simply do not notice it. But most of all, a woman is revealed precisely in relation to her chosen one. For him, it turns into the very softness, pliability, kindness and wisdom. In family life, she takes on the main responsibilities of the house, and it does not make sense to list what a woman does every day. But besides this, she should look great, always have a good mood and charge the whole family with “life-giving energy”.A woman acts as a gatherer of heat and light, to which a husband or children can cling, and soak in the softness of feelings.

Soul of a woman

This woman is elegant, graceful and beautiful. The inner riches of the soul always break out, and sometimes a woman has to make certain efforts to cope with it in time. In many matters, a modern woman relies on her intuition; she instinctively feels the danger threatening her family or children. By nature, the real woman is endowed with healing abilities. In each of the representatives of the weaker sex rests the soul of a lady.

A true woman makes the world around her better, more positive. Creating the surrounding reality, it is able, in the same question, to come to a completely different, different from the male, answer.

A real woman must be true, first of all with herself, only then will she be happy. In modern society, there are many recommendations for what a woman should do. However, real life always makes its own adjustments and the only thing left is the ideal of what a woman can do. For example, recent experiments by scientists have shown that women make men risky and belligerent, nimble, generous and short-sighted.And the stronger sex does not affect women at all. Therefore, the ability of a woman to skillfully manage her power can serve as the main element that will make a happy woman even with highly unremarkable external data.

A woman is a woman who makes her indefatigable desire to always look attractive, spend a large part of her time at the mirror, strives for worldly wisdom, has an easy attitude to life and the ability to correctly present herself in society.

Summing up the above, a woman is not a woman doing an anatomical fact, but a harmonious acceptance of herself, her personality. Grace, beauty, sense of taste and pleasant manners, which are an integral part of femininity, allow any woman to shine like a diamond.


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