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What are the Wen?

Lipoma, also known as adipose, is a benign, round tumor, painless and soft to the touch. Often, wen are found in the shoulders, neck, hips and back. Lipoma is a cosmetic defect that does not pose a threat to human health. So, let's see, from what wen can appear, and what types they are.

Types of neoplasms

Lipomas are divided according to their density: the deeper it is, the denser, respectively. As a rule, adhesives are immobile soft formations that do not cause painful sensations. Places with adipose tissue, are "favorites" linden: back, arms, face, legs and head.

Tumors are divided into the following types

  • Soft - painless neoplasm soft consistency.
  • Fibrous and dense tumors - different pronounced development of all connective tissues.
  • Capsule lipomas are characterized by the proliferation of adipose tissue within the capsule formed in a particular organ of the human body.
  • A tree-like lipoma has some semblance of processes and often it occurs inside the joints.
  • Angiolipoma (cavernous) lipoma - has a large number of vessels.
  • Unlike other species, the diffuse lipoma has no connective tissue at all.


As a rule, the germination of connective tissue occurs in the fat cells, it separates the cells from each other, forming a kind of “lobules”. Intensive reproduction of cells, and nutrition of the tumor itself, provide the blood vessels, which grow simultaneously with the connective tissue. In adipose tissue can also be muscle and mucous cells. Lipomas can be of different sizes: from 3-5 millimeters to several tens of centimeters.

Scientists can not give a single answer to the question: what causes the wen and what exactly becomes the cause of the development of a particular tumor? Today, there are four main groups of factors that contribute to the development of oncological diseases: physical, viral, chemical, and also genetic.

Viral infection includes the infamous Epstein-Barr virus (a type of herpes), as well as human papillomas and hepatitis. Dyes and preservatives, industrial emissions and nicotine are chemical factors.As for the genetic predisposition to the formation of tumors, here it is all about the inherited defect in the cellular genomes, as a result of which the body cannot independently suppress the growth of the neoplasm. But radioactive, ultraviolet and X-rays are attributed to physical factors that trigger the development of a lipoma. As you can see, the reason for the appearance of Wen can be both acquired and hereditary.

In any case, in order to understand why Wen appear, you should contact a specialist who will assign you the necessary tests and conduct the appropriate tests. And according to the available results, she will select the correct method of treatment.


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