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What part of the speech is "really"?

Anna Kazakova
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What part of the speech is "really"?

In Russian there is a class of words like particles. A particle is the service part of speech. With the help of particles word formation occurs. In addition, particles are used for the emotional coloring of words in the sentence. When you have to determine the part of speech to which this or that word belongs, problems may arise with particles, Often they are confused with adverbs, conjunctions or interjections. For example, what part of the speech is �too�? At first glance, it can be attributed to interjections: "Well, you already said that!". It seems true? However, this is a false feeling.

�Oh,� is a particle, and the particle is modal, estimated, expressive. It adds to the word. So, in the sentence �Well, this is absolutely stupid,� the particle �already� reinforces the meaning of the word �stupid�, raising it, as it were, to the highest degree in expression.

Since "too" consists of one syllable, it is referred to as primitive simple particles.

Similar to �already� the word �already� can also refer to particles. For example, in the sentence �I'm tired of waiting for you�, �already� is a particle with a gain value. She focuses on the word "tired".


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