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What product is in demand?

In our age of broad business opportunities and healthy human ambitions, the question of which products are most in demand is relevant today as never before. And this, I must say, is quite justified. On the background of the availability of virtually any product and the desire of the state to promote the growth of small and medium businesses in every way, truly immense prospects are opening up. However, it is known that the launch of a new business enterprise is always associated with a certain risk. For example, with the risk of being mistaken with the choice of goods offered to the population. In addition, we should not forget that the consequences of the recent economic crisis have left their mark on the Russian market, which has not yet recovered from such a “financial shock”. And, as a result, producers and sellers who have recently “steered” the market have given way to a consumer, allowing him to independently decide on what to spend the money without looking at the brand rating.

So which product is in high demand? First of all, it is necessary to say about essential goods. This, of course, food such as meat, fish, oil, a number of dairy products, cereals, vegetables, tea and biscuits, as well as non-food items such as household chemicals (soap and laundry detergent). Regardless of the state of the economy and the average income of the buyer, they will always occupy the main place in his commodity basket. It must be said that investors have always viewed the food industry as a rather attractive area for investment.

Speaking about what kind of goods are in demand, it is impossible not to mention the “traditional” purchases for the Russian consumer. This place, of course, belongs to alcohol. Low-priced spirits available to the average buyer, for example, good vodka, brandy, beer, or ready-made alcoholic beverages that have become popular in recent years are rightfully the favorites of this sector and attract the attention of the buyer not only on pre-holidays and holidays, but also in harsh everyday life. Here it is necessary to say about tobacco products. Despite the active struggle of the representatives of a healthy lifestyle with smokers, the latter are still not in a hurry to give up their addiction,regularly replenishing the wallets of tobacco manufacturers.

Seasonal goods

It is not a secret for anybody that timely introduction of goods relevant to today \ month \ season of goods into the range of products sometimes becomes the key to success of even the smallest enterprise. Such products include, for example, things that are relevant in the summer period, such as sunglasses, shales, swimsuits, as well as ice cream and chilled juices. In winter, the "stars" of the stalls are gloves, clothing and accessories for winter sports, as well as hot drinks.

Impulse demand goods

In forming their business model, many start-up entrepreneurs, unfortunately, forget about such a profitable category of goods, as goods of “impulse demand”. And, by the way, in vain! For example, how often you, standing in a queue at the box office, practically without thinking, put a pair of chewing gum, chocolate or candies in the basket? Beautifully laid out, nearby such “trifles” are sometimes not even perceived by us as a “purchase”. By the way, according to statistics, this category of goods accounts for up to 50% of the turnover of small stores.


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