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What product to sell?

Lyubov Polishchuk
Lyubov Polishchuk
April 17, 2013
What product to sell?

Despite the fact that there are certain types of goods that are always sold successfully, starting a new activity, you still need to first decide where and to whom you intend to sell products. And then, taking into account the collected data, it will be easier for you to decide which item to sell. Anyone who runs the risk and starts trading activities can fall into a trap and quickly go bankrupt. Even if the trade is carried out by popular and popular goods, the likelihood of high competition is possible, which will negate your efforts.

What product is profitable to sell

  • The most popular product at all times has been and remains food. Regardless of gender, race, age and lifestyle, all people eat. That is why everything connected with food is in high and stable demand. In addition, the demand for semi-finished and ready-made food is growing every year. Despite the fact that the cost of such products is high, people who are busy and value their time are ready to overpay.
  • At this place is firmly established another popular product - alcohol. If lemonade and juice are seasonal products, alcohol is always bought. Neither rest, nor celebratory feasts, nor usual meetings with friends pass without alcoholic beverages. Even bans of doctors and recommendations of nutritionists and other specialists do not influence the decisions of our fellow citizens to relax well.
  • Here, the answer to the question of what kind of goods you can sell are clothes and shoes. Brands that produce products for people with medium or low income, sold well in the post-crisis period. Luxury brands are much less popular than before the onset of the crisis.
  • High demand is also inherent in medical preparations, dietary supplements. Due to the inconvenience of using municipal polyclinics and the high cost of private medical centers, many Russians prefer to self-medicate or eat various supplements that contribute to overall health promotion.
  • Constantly people need household chemicals. In addition, the majority of our fellow citizens do not wish to purchase simple sets: laundry detergent, liquid or dishwashing gel, soap.The range has now expanded significantly (with the proliferation of dishwashers, washing vacuum cleaners and other household appliances) and the hostess are set to shop in places where there is a large selection of a wide variety of special tools.

So, if you seriously thought about what product is best to sell, then the sale of household goods and repairs (apartment, interior, etc.) will be the easiest and most profitable business.


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