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What does pdf read?

Natalya Safonova
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What does pdf read?

Modern printing products are hard to imagine without documents in PDF (literally, this is the Portable Document Format, which can be translated as a portable document format). This type of file allows you to quite accurately combine text and different types of graphics, as well as other types of electronic elements in a compact format.

What does pdf read? There are many possible programs that allow you to quickly and easily view this type of electronic document. Let's start with the most famous.

  • One of the most popular free programs for reading this format is Adobe Reader (you can view and download it). This program is official. This software was created back in 1993. With this program you can create, edit and, of course, view files created in PDF. To date, there are already 11 of its versions, and in addition, there are special options - for communicators and PDAs.
  • What to read PDF, except for Adobe Reader? Quite a lot can be found and third-party programs, for example, among them, the most frequently used Foxit Reader.This rather popular application can also be downloaded for free from. It also allows you not only to view, but also to perform all the main types of file processing of this format. According to user feedback, this program works somewhat faster than Adobe Reader, but its menu is not completely Russified, unlike the program described earlier.
  • Consider what you can read PDF in addition to these 2 most popular applications. There are a number of other programs that allow you to view documents in other formats in parallel, which may also be relevant when working with different electronic papers. So it is worth mentioning Brava Reader, EXrert PDR Reader, etc. They exist in free and commercial versions and allow you to perform a variety of effects on documents in the format we are considering.
  • Separately, it should be described, than to read pdf files from a mobile phone. As mentioned earlier, there are special versions for communicators (Adobe Reader, etc.). For iphone, you can use the PDF Expert program.

Thus, currently reading a PDF file will not be a big problem.


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