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What to buy in Israel?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
May 22, 2012
What to buy in Israel?

Gifts to relatives and friends from the "Holy Land":

  • Crosses of cypress and mother-of-pearl, candles from Jerusalem, icons, rosaries of different types of wood and not only, as well as a large number of Christian souvenirs.
  • Objects from Jewish culture and religion: hanukiya (a festive candlestick for seven candles), a mezuzah (a special box with a sheet from the Torah for the house), a pile (headpiece), tallit (a kind of scarf), Kiddush (a cup for consecrating wine), demons ( incense jug).
  • Souvenirs from the world of Islam - a rug for prayers, a sign with an inscription from the Koran, various rosaries.
  • Cosmetics on the Dead Sea salts (in Hebrew, the Dead Sea is simply called Salty).
  • A carpet or cloth for anything that Bedouins and Palestinians make.
  • Copper and brass products.
  • Armenian pottery.

What to buy in Israel, if you have "bad" habits:

  • A huge number of hookahs and tobacco to them.
  • Wine that is made from grapes from the Dutch heights and Galilee.

The choice can be approached and more creatively, which can be bought in Israel yet:

  • All kinds of crafts from the olive tree.
  • Nablus soap.
  • Souvenirs from silver and tin.
  • Hebron glass production secrets were exported from Italy.
  • Diamonds (if you are a very rich tourist).
  • Israeli coins and postage stamps of Israel.
  • Antique products.
  • Various traditional foods: a huge selection of spices, hummus, chickpeas, matzo and more.
  • Pictures of yourself against a variety of attractions.
  • Good impressions from the trip and great mood before the next visit to Israel.

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