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What to collect in DotA?

The main feature of this game is a variety of characters. Each character has unique characteristics and features that set it apart from dozens of others. During acquaintance with the game, many novice gamers have a question about how to collect things in DotA. All strong artifacts are collected from the weaker, which in turn can be purchased in stores. They are located on the territory of the map. Dota is a very original game, so it allows you to make different kits even with identical objects. To do this, you need to remember a list of things you need to collect to create an artifact. All the tips on this can be obtained directly in the shops. So, let's try to figure out what to collect heroes in DotA, in order to defeat their rivals.

Ghost scepter

Let's start with an artifact called Ghost Scepter. This item is popular mainly with magicians. Gather it when there are many characters in a group of opponents, the main characteristic of which is agility. Mages can collect it for just 1500 coins.Despite its cheapness, this subject is simply irreplaceable for many characters. It allows you to increase magic damage by 40%, while the physical damage is almost gone. Recharging Ghost Scepter lasts for 25 seconds, after which the artifact can again be launched into battle.

Black king bar

If the opponent team has a large number of magicians, what you need to collect in DotA is an artifact of Black King Bar. This set allows the hero to get complete invulnerability from magic attacks for about 10 seconds. At the same time, with each new use after recharging, the duration of the artifact is reduced by one second. Black King Bar is ideal for characters whose main characteristics are strength and agility. Usually, they are vulnerable to magic attacks, so that using an artifact, you can destroy two or three magicians in one fell swoop. To make it, the player will need three items - Mithril Hammer, Ogre Ax and the Black King Bar scroll.

Kalen�s Dagger

This dagger can be useful to every hero, since its main function is instant teleportation. The artifact helps to increase the maneuverability of the hero, to escape from the battlefield at the right time or to catch up with the opponent if he decided to leave the arena. But in order to use this item, you need to be very careful, because it is not activated.If in the last three seconds you have suffered damage. Kalen�s Dagger reloads every 14 seconds, and the distance to which he can teleport the hero is 1200. Not expensive - 2150.

Blade mail

Very useful artifact for tanks that take a lot of damage. The fact is that this item returns part of the damage inflicted on the enemy. Thus, the artifact is great for fighting heroes that deal a lot of physical damage in the vicinity. These are Fantom Assassin, Viper, Slark and others. This kind of shield is activated only for four seconds, so very carefully select the time to use it. You can collect it by wandering around the stores by purchasing Chain Mail, Broadsword and Robe of the Magi.

Guinsoo�s scythe of Vyse

If you decide to turn your opponent into a chicken, then this artifact is for you. Undoubtedly, a very useful gizmo. By turning the enemy hero into a feathered animal for three seconds, you and the team can send him out. And if you are also a magician, then Guinsoo�s scythe of Vyse will give you a huge increase in statistics and health, as well as damage. This item is not very cheap, but worth it. You will need Ultimate Orb, Void Stone and Mystic Stuff to create it.

So we figured out what to collect in DotA novice.But, in fact, there are still many different subjects in the game, which cannot be considered in a single article. In addition, not less heroes are collected here, each of which requires a certain set of artifacts. If the same Ghost Scepter is very useful for the magician, then he doesn�t care about the tank, as it is designed to increase magical damage.

Now let's figure out how to collect artifacts in DotA. All of them are conventionally divided into three groups - for the early stage of the game, middle and late. The first group of artifacts basically does not give any additional properties to the hero, she only slightly increases his statistics (strength, dexterity, health, manna, etc.). Usually such items can be bought at the store and used immediately. Kits for the middle stage of the game will have to be assembled from cheaper ones. This also applies to the last group of artifacts.

Special attention should be paid to who you intend to collect from your hero. The fact is that he can be the main one in the group, and he can play a supporting role. There are universal characters who can become a tank, a support or a dealer - it all depends on what artifacts you collect for it.If the main characteristic of your hero is intelligence, that is, you swing the magician, collect items aimed at increasing the amount of manna. When you have a tank or damage dealer at your disposal, pay attention to his armor and attack, respectively.

But not always, knowing that you need to collect items in DotA, you can rely solely on the capabilities of your character. It is necessary to take into account the weaknesses of opponents. It turns out that collecting the appropriate artifacts does not mean winning. It is also necessary to study opponents.


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