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What is the important interview?

So, you are absorbed in the job search process: sent out a resume, submitted all kinds of applications, and now, finally, received an invitation for an interview in the company of your dreams. It is not surprising that you will be very nervous, randomly browse possible topics of the interview, mentally scroll through the answers and, naturally, think about your appearance.

It's no secret that “goods are met by packaging” and, however rude it may sound, this is true. Psychologists say that the first impression (both positive and negative) can be made in 10-15 seconds, that is, just by crossing the threshold of the office! And after all, the decision of your potential employer depends on him, 50%!

That is why it is so important to approach this issue with all seriousness and responsibility. How to dress for an interview? This question continues to spin in my head, because the opportunity to dress in such a way as to make a positive impression on the interviewer who invited you, it is important to use it so that your chances of arranging for the intended place increase significantly.

Again, according to psychologists: a well-behaved appearance, the ability to openly and confidently hold on is 90% of success at the interview.

Choosing a style

Before you get puzzled by the specific objects of your future image, you need to learn as much as possible about the company that invited you to the interview. This will help you deal with the necessary style of clothing, perhaps the company has certain rules of the dress code, and, perhaps, on the contrary, a very democratic policy is observed.

Let us give a simple example: if you go to get a job at a nightclub, you are unlikely to be understood in a strict, buttoned-up, classic suit. And vice versa, if you are settling into a bank, then a wild Mohawk and an ultrashort skirt, even on very beautiful legs, will look extremely annoying.

The style of clothes will largely depend on the position claimed by the applicant: it is not necessary for a guy to dress in the most expensive and formal costume if he pretends to be a middle-level employee, for example, and the girl should not use the most expensive jewelry and eye-catching accessories.

Things are quite different if the job seeker takes a high position (leading professions, senior managers), here the routine can play against you, so you need to look exactly as much as you would like to receive. Costumes from good designers, expensive watches, ties and jewelry are welcome. But moderation should not be forgotten here too!

If you take up a creative profession, then in the dress code may be allowed liberties, because the creative person is very important to emphasize their individuality, and therefore any advice from the side here will be superfluous. If your future profession belongs to conservative spheres, then the best option is a fashionable classic.

And note, look fashionable and tasteful - it does not mean to look defiant, as if you in one image collected all the latest ultra-new items in the fashion world. The employer will not appreciate this, you can be sure.

If you are not familiar with the company’s procedures and don’t know how to dress properly, then there’s one good option: take a walk in front of your future job, see how the majority of employees look.For an interview, pick up something similar.

Hairstyle, make-up and manicure

Remember that your image is not only a costume, but also important details that merge into a single and harmonious ensemble.

Make sure that you look well-groomed: your hair should be clean and well cut, so visit the beauty salon before the interview if you haven’t been there for a long time.

If you have short hair. Then they should look natural, long - neatly combed or folded. Do not experiment with too bright hair colors: achieve a deep and pleasant tone. A man should be well trimmed and shaved, take care of a good and unobtrusive perfume, do not use heavy evening smells.

Probably should not say that the hands, like the rest of the details of your image, should be well-groomed. Nails neatly trimmed, low-key manicure is allowed. Long, brightly painted nails are not allowed.

Make-up has a place to be, however, it should not be too much. All cosmetics should be soft, natural, tones, it is not recommended to use bright colors of lipstick that can imprint on the teeth.According to experts, the makeup should look as if it is not there, but in fact, to create a fresh and blooming look of its owner.

Suit and shoes

Remember that your choice should focus on the variant in which you will feel harmonious and comfortable. For example, if you do not like to wear ties, then perhaps it is better to do without him, using a nice shirt and a stylish jacket in the image.

Observe the color scheme, it should consist of inconspicuous shades that blend well with each other. There are colors that should be discarded: oddly enough, it is black - it gives the impression of stiffness, brown - lack of self-confidence, as well as white, especially if you are rather pale. It is better to opt for pastel shades, do not dazzle with colors, so you risk looking frivolous.

For women fit pantsuit or skirt with a jacket. The length of the skirt should reach the middle of the knee, especially if you are going to a serious office. Decollete, necklines, tight and translucent silhouettes are excluded.

The image can be supplemented with a ring, earrings or bracelet, however, measure their number with the position you are applying for.Shoes can be fashionable and even bold design, however, too high stud is not welcome, it is important that you feel comfortable in it.

As for the masculine look, remember, light pants are not in harmony with dark shoes, and vice versa. The color of the suit should be in harmony with the tie, but not merge with it.

And finally, remember that a good image is half the battle, but it is important to fill the rest half with your own confidence and good mood, because you deserve this place? So you have nothing to fear.

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