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What to do on the island of Hainan?

A sophisticated traveler is difficult to impress with the beauty of European cities. That is why they often look for non-touristic routes or unusual places where you can get a portion of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. Today we offer to make a virtual tour to China, and more precisely, to Hainan Island. It is called the "East Hawaii", and for good reason, because it is the best resort in the Middle Kingdom. Want to know more? Read on.

True rest

Speaking of China, we usually see noisy megacities, a huge crowd of people, cars, all sorts of replicas of famous brands, and, of course, the famous fast-food. But today we will talk about a place where you can really relax, as they say, not only with your body, but also with your soul.


Tourists who are looking for beaches and the sea, as in the pictures, will definitely enjoy Hainan. Here everything is as described in the advertising booklets. Sometimes it even seems that all this is a fairy tale: perfectly green palm trees, clean beaches with selected sand, clear sea water, entertainment for all tastes. Is this not heaven on earth?

At one time, the enterprising nationalities inhabiting the island realized what they could earn, and now they are happy to arrange real shows from the funeral and wedding processions for the visitors. Travelers pay for this kind of local culture really generously.

Another significant plus for gourmets is the abundance of exotic fruits, which are very affordable.

Well, those who are going to China, not only lazily to lie on the beach, will be able to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the island. What to look at Hainan?

HaikouIs the capital of the island. The most visited place here is the historical center, where you can see a lot of old buildings, the floors of which seemed to hang over the street between them.

Not only to take a walk, but also to improve your health in a local park of the hot volcanic springs “Lake Guanglanhu”. There are as many as 150 artificial pools, which are filled with water from a depth of 800 meters, and have a temperature of +15 to +43 degrees.

For lovers of thrills, 30 km from the capital there is an unusual observation deck. It is located on the edge of the crater of the sleeping Ma Anh volcano.From there, a chic view of the green relict trees, huge areas of frozen magma, and the operating small volcanoes located nearby.

Sanya- one of the most popular tourist destinations. The main mecca of sea lovers is Yalong Bay. Here, tourists are surrounded by mountains and forests, and you can walk along narrow paths, admiring the picturesque nature.

On the coast are the best hotels in Hainan, and, of course, the most expensive. Each of them has its own "zest". For example, pools of unusual shapes and gardens with a huge number of exotic plants.

The most famous architectural landmark of Sanya is the center of Nanshan Buddhism. Here you can see the huge statue of the goddess Gungin, and relax in the park, which was created according to all the rules of Feng Shui. That is why walking in it is not only pleasant, but also very interesting. And those who want to delve into the study of this attraction, and learn more interesting facts about the history of Buddhism, in the park there are several hotels. There you can stop and book additional excursions.

DadonghaiThis is a place that perfectly combines a high level of service and comfort with a fairly affordable price level. Especially divers and surfers love this place.There are excellent waves, as well as extraordinarily beautiful coastal coral reefs, in which more than 300 species of fish live. But there is also a minus - there are always a lot of people on the beach, and occasional storms bring a lot of algae to the shoal.

Not far from the recreation area you can see the mountain turned deer. Legend has it that for several days a hunter ran after a golden deer, hoping to catch him. And when the animal reached the sea, and there was nowhere to retreat, it suddenly turned to the hunter, and turned into a beautiful girl. Various souvenirs on this subject can be found in the shops located at the foot.

Phoenix Island. It is located near Hainan and is connected to it by a bridge. On an artificially made island, several skyscrapers rise in the form of an egg. From afar, they even somewhat resemble the famous Sail in the UAE.

Pearl Museum. Have you ever seen a real plantation for growing shells with pearls? If not, then you have such an opportunity on Hainan Island. It is because of this centuries-old occupation that the island is also called the “Pearl Rocks”.

Here they will tell about the cultivation and production of pearls, and in the museum they will demonstrate the most rare and special kinds of it.After the tour, tourists have a wonderful opportunity to purchase extraordinarily attractive products.

What to bring from such an amazing trip? First of all - the most fashionable clothes on the island. A few years ago, the Hainan government decided to create a special local fashion, developing sketches of original and bright Hainan shirts, shorts and even kits for the whole family. Travelers gladly clothe them and enjoy the rest, and the locals thus have a job.

Another great gift for loved ones - cosmetics. Most of it is based on pearl powder and contains a huge amount of useful natural substances.

At the Silk Factory, located on the island, there is a shop where you can buy bed linen, sleep sets, bathrobes.

In addition, Hainan is famous for its mining of rock crystal. Products from it are so beautiful that few manage to resist and not get something for memory.

Hainan is an island of dreams where rest is wonderfully combined with recovery, and the local culture and philosophy of Buddhism fascinate immediately and for a long time.

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