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What to do: noisy neighbors?

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What to do: noisy neighbors?

My home is my castle. It's great when a person can say so about his house or apartment. But it happens that in this fortress does not always feel comfortable. And the frequent reason for this is too noisy neighbors. Especially you are �lucky� if you do not live on the first, not on the top floors and not from the edge, because you are surrounded from all four sides.

Noisy neighbors: solve the problem

What if you are out of luck with your neighbors? What to do? Noisy neighbors, but still at the wrong time? Be aware that unnecessarily noisy neighbors may incur administrative liability, for which punishment is imposed from strict police or precinct warning and a fine, up to eviction from an apartment. Try to sort it out first peacefully.

Peaceful decision

So, the neighbors are noisy. What to do first? Where to start to try to solve the problem peacefully.

  1. If the noise becomes too annoying, then go to the neighbors or call them. Try to explain without rudeness and rudeness what does not suit you.If the neighbors are normal, and there are no hostile conflicts between you, then they should understand you.
  2. If the neighbors live quietly, but once for some reason they become very loud, do not rush to accuse them of all mortal sins. First find out the cause of the noise. Perhaps some of the households have a birthday or are celebrating their daughter's wedding, etc. This is a holiday, so try to understand your neighbors. After all, you too can be in this situation. And then your neighbors will understand you too. Just tactfully ask them to be quiet.
  3. If the neighbors are very noisy, then surely they interfere not only with you. Walk around the porch and persuade residents to write a joint statement to the police. Surely you will find allies. If you do not want to go to the neighbors, you can write a statement personally on your own. Find out who lives in the neighbor's apartment, where they make noise, and write a statement on them. Then you can come to the neighbors, ask to be quieter and threaten that you file a police complaint with them if the noise does not stop. This may scare them.

But what if your normal words are not understood, everything goes on, the neighbors are noisy - what to do then? In this case, to punish the neighbors, you need to act harder. Here it is better to make a collective statement of all residents of the porch, who are hampered by loud neighbors.

Peaceful words do not help: what to do

First you can call the police. But note that the police are not responding to such requests instantly. The police will come and have a conversation with the noisy neighbors, of course, if they open the door. And may not open. In this case, the police will be at the door for about half an hour and will leave with nothing. Or they will come in an hour or two, when the noise may already cease. It is better to call the police when the hype began recently and is unlikely to end soon. So the police will become real witnesses of the violation of silence.

The next way to influence the noisy neighbors is to call the district police officer. You can give him an application for noisy neighbors. It is better if it is written collectively. A policeman can threaten the police and impose a fine. This may affect your neighbors much more than your request to be quieter. And if the precinct turns out to be a witness of noisy behavior of neighbors, then you will have an additional lever of influence on troublemakers, if you decide to go to court.

And if neighbors make noise at night, what to do then? In our country, a law has been passed, according to which it is forbidden to make noise at night (in different regions in different ways). This is the period from 22.00-23.00 to 6.00.In addition, depending on the region of the country, individual noise limits may be adopted during the daytime. Therefore, you can safely be guided by this when you go to deal with noisy neighbors. If you do not want to understand, try to resort to the help of the police and the district police officer.

If you have sufficient evidence, you can try to go to court. It is better if the evidence will be as much as possible. This may be your statement, supported by the signatures of neighbors, testimony from neighbors, the police and the district police officer, audio or video recording of noise or a noisy apartment. This can be a sufficient basis for initiating a case on administrative violation of silence. But keep in mind that the Court can take a decision for a long time, and there is no absolute certainty that noisy neighbors will be punished. The most common punishment is an administrative fine, and this is a small amount. In the worst case, noisy residents can be forcibly evicted from the apartment.

In any case, do not sit back. It is better to do everything possible than to endure noisy neighbors.


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